AIMA’s Hyhawk Electric Moped Takes Center Stage at CES 2024
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AIMA’s Hyhawk Electric Moped Takes Center Stage at CES 2024

Image showcasing AIMA Hyhawk electric moped at CES 2024
  • The AIMA Hyhawk electric moped was introduced at CES 2024, featuring a tech-inspired design.
  • It is equipped with a powerful 750W motor and offers impressive torque of 73nm, providing exceptional performance.
  • The moped features all-season tires, a hydraulic suspension system, and rider-friendly dimensions, making it a standout choice in the e-mobility market.

AIMA Technology Group took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 for its first-ever global launch event. Amidst one of the biggest and buzziest tech events of the year, AIMA proudly introduced its latest electric vehicle, the electric moped – Hyhawk (Mechod in Asia).

Its stylish and futuristic design positions this electric moped for young adults to transform the world of eMopeds. It also fulfills the dreams of young riders longing for the open road.


The Hyhawk: A Unique Niche in Transportation

The allure of riding an electric motorcycle is undeniable, but the barriers to entry, including age restrictions and specialized training, can be daunting. AIMA, a globally acclaimed e-mobility brand, has shattered these barriers with the Hyhawk electric moped.

Crafted with new riders in mind, this electric moped prioritizes safety and ease of use, making it accessible to beginners of all ages. The Hyhawk transforms the dream of open-road freedom into a reality for everyone.

What sets the Hyhawk apart is its unique positioning in the transportation landscape. It’s neither an electric bicycle nor a full-fledged electric motorcycle. Instead, it occupies a niche that offers the best of both worlds.

While electric bicycles (e-bikes) have gained popularity for their eco-friendly and pedal-assist features, they may not always provide the desired level of speed or range. On the other hand, motorcycles offer greater speed and power but often come with more stringent regulations, including licensing requirements and registration.

The Hyhawk electric moped strikes a balance between these two worlds. It offers the convenience and efficiency of an e-bike with the added benefit of increased speed and range, making it an ideal choice for urban commuting, short trips, and recreational rides. Its classification as a moped typically means that it falls within a regulatory gray area in many states, allowing riders to enjoy the perks of motorized transportation without the complexities associated with full-fledged motorcycles.

However, it’s essential to note that the regulatory landscape for electric mopeds can vary significantly from one state to another. Some states may classify electric mopeds as bicycles, while others may require registration or a special license.

AIMA Hyhawk Electric Moped: Aesthetics Meet Innovation – Winner of the U.S. MUSE Design Gold Award

AIMA’s Hyhawk isn’t just a mode of transportation but also aesthetically stunning. Its cyber-tech design is a testament to global innovation, and every detail reflects its futuristic appeal. A black body accented with vibrant fluorescent colors and sleek, sturdy lines exudes a sense of modernity. The Hyhawk features a compact frame, X-shaped headlights, and a floating seat. Additionally, it includes a concealed cyber-style digital display, all of which enhance its tech-inspired aesthetics. At night, its colorful ambient lighting sparks the imagination of young riders.

This captivating design has earned the Hyhawk the prestigious U.S. MUSE Design Gold Award, thereby reaffirming AIMA’s leadership in fashionable product design.

Moving beyond its striking appearance, the Hyhawk excels in performance. Its powerful drive system consistently delivers exceptional results. Equipped with four-season thermal tires that provide superior grip, this eMoped empowers young riders. A hydraulic suspension system, adaptable to various terrains, complements it and ensures confident navigation across different landscapes.


For ensuring safety at high speeds, the Hyhawk electric moped comes equipped with front and rear perforated disc brakes. Moreover, it boasts an automatic power-off function when parked, thanks to the sensor-equipped side stand, which further enhances overall safety.

Beyond safety features, AIMA’s Hyhawk is meticulously designed with a profound understanding of ergonomics, offering a golden ratio of rider comfort. It effortlessly amalgamates the riding characteristics of both street and cruiser bikes, resulting in an exceptionally enjoyable riding experience, especially tailored for newcomers.

With a balanced center of gravity and an approximate length of 1.7 meters, this design achieves a perfect equilibrium between stability and agility. This means that even novice riders can confidently embrace advanced riding techniques such as leaning into turns, guaranteeing not only a thrilling but also a secure ride.

Route 66 Inspiration: AIMA’s Next Breakthrough – The Santa Monica eBike

AIMA Santa Monica electric bike at CES 2024 (Image: AIMA)

AIMA’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the Hyhawk electric moped. Their upcoming release, the Santa Monica eBike, made its debut at the launch event and is set to launch in April.

Inspired by the iconic Route 66 in Santa Monica, this model features the innovative Route 66 motor developed by Bafang Electric for AIMA electric bike. This lightweight yet powerful 750W city bike motor features an impressive 73nm torque, offering enhanced cooling, operational efficiency, and quick start-up, setting it apart from the competition.

The Santa Monica ebike is equipped with high-performance SR Suntour suspension forks, Tektro’s hydraulic disc brakes, and a sensitive torque sensor, promising riders a liberating urban cruise, capturing the essence of coastal breezes and the historic Route 66.



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