Yadea Wins iF Design Awards and Red Dot Awards
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Yadea Wins iF Design Awards and Red Dot Awards

  • Yadea recently won multiple international design awards for three of its products.
  • They won across multiple segments: kick scooter, electric motorcycle, and e-bike.
  • The Yada S9 MAX E-Bike managed to take home both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award.

Yadea can add some more feathers to its cap: They recently clinched four prestigious international product design awards: two iF Design Awards and two Red Dot Awards. Building on their previous IDEA award win in 2022, Yadea’s latest triumph comes courtesy of their innovative e-mobility offerings, including the Yadea scooter ElitePrime, e-motorcycle Keeness, and e-bike S9 MAX. These cutting-edge products impressed judges with their advanced aesthetic design, exceptional user experience, and commitment to environmental protection.

The iF Design Award is one of the world’s most esteemed design awards, standing as a true authority on excellence in design. Meanwhile, the Red Dot Award, a renowned German accolade, honors products that boast exceptional design and wield significant industry influence.

iF Design Award Winner: Yadea ElitePrime

Of the brand’s two iF Design Awards, the first went to the ElitePrime, Yadea’s flagship product for 2023. It’s a sturdy, foldable e-scooter that’s been dubbed the “electric SUV of scooters.” It excels in performance, allowing riders to conquer any road condition. 

The Yadea ElitePrime is outfitted with a peak power 1500 W motor, capable of tackling 30% inclines, and features exceptional front and rear shock absorption. Recently, Yadea announced its global launch through Indiegogo crowdfunding, offering early adopters an enticing super early bird price.

Here’s what the iF Design Award committee had to say about it: “With the unique and clean design, it’s significantly different in styling compared to other similar products, and the design is based on improving user experience instead of purely adding selling points. As a user centered product, human factors are taken into account in its form and detail design. The excellent performances of power and shock absorption offer a better riding experience, by which we hope to attract more people into the practice of green short-distance travel.”

Red Dot Award Winner: Yadea Keeness

Designed to appeal to the young adventurers out there, the Yada Keeness uses a sharp, distinctive urban design that hints at an aircraft wing mixed with a shooting star. It still keeps rider comfort in mind, though.

The Yadea Keeness boasts a 10 kW mid-drive motor capable of reaching a top speed of 100km/h (62 mph) in just 4 seconds. Equipped with a smart energy retrieval system, the battery enhances power output and extends its lifespan, enabling the Keeness to travel over 100 km (62 miles)  on a single charge.

iF Design Award Winner and Red Dot Award Winner: Yadea S9 MAX E-Bike

This e-bike – that really looks like a moped – managed to snag both prestigious awards this year. Built for distance and comfort, it’s no wonder the awards committees loved it.

The Yadea S9 has an impressively long battery life – it can effortlessly cover over 150 km (93 miles). It boasts Yadea’s groundbreaking TTFAR carbon fiber 2.0 lithium battery, utilizing square laminated cells and compact PACK technology. With a motor rated power of 1000 W, the S9 delivers robust acceleration as soon as you hit the throttle.

The iF Design Award committee was glowing in its description of the technology and the design: “First of its kind among e-bikes, removing users’ anxiety about battery life. It could be started by Bluetooth, APP or NFC, no need for a physical key. Intelligent voice navigation and voice integration could make it more convenient and free the user’s hands when riding. Its concise and geometric appearance, given mostly by its structure that is designed with the language of diamond rhombus and sharpened knife, communicates youth, technology, future and elegance.”

Yadea’s product range includes high-performance electric motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and bicycles, with over 70 million riders in over 100 countries. If they continue to win awards like this, then we should see continued expansion from the brand as more people appreciate their designs.


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