DAHON Expanding Into Electric Motorcycles and Mopeds
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DAHON Expanding Into Electric Motorcycles and Mopeds

DAHON MACAW Electric Motorcycle black macaw powers your freedom
  • DAHON recently debuted three new e-mobility vehicles in Shanghai, showing that the brand is expanding into the moto market.
  • The Macaw motorbike focuses on power and speed, while the Magpie and Tailorbird mopeds are built for distance and efficiency.
  • These are the first non-folding vehicles in DAHON’s lineup.

DAHON, the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bicycles, is now expanding its product range to include electrified motorcycles and mopeds. The company recently unveiled its latest models, including the Macaw motorbike and the Magpie and Tailorbird electric mopeds, at the China International Cycle Fair back in early May. This will also mark a major shift for DAHON, as these models will be the brand’s first non-folding vehicles.

The New DAHON Motorcycle

The Macaw electric motorbike was designed for outdoorsy sports as well as for quick urban mobility. It boasts a solid range of 80 km (50 miles), and it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph), all using just 6.19 kWh of power. With a 72 V / 73 aH lithium-ion battery, it takes just six hours to fully charge, outpacing plenty of other electric motorcycles in terms of charging speed.

It’s also speedy when it comes to the ride itself: The Macaw is powered by a 5000 W motor and can reach a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

The New DAHON Mopeds

The Magpie and Tailorbird electric mopeds are also a pair of impressive new rides from the brand. Both models offer a range of 110 km (56 miles) on a full charge, consuming only 2.7 kWh of power. They can also be equipped with an optional 60-72 V / 32 Ah lead-acid battery, which reaches full capacity in just eight hours.

The Magpie has more of a scooter-like appearance, while the Tailorbird evokes more of a classic Vespa aesthetic.

Bringing DAHON Into the Future

By venturing into the motorbike category, DAHON is showing its commitment to innovating eco-friendly vehicles that are also convenient and flexible for their customers’ needs. 

The Asian and American markets will be the first to experience the new vehicles. After the teaser at the China International Cycle Fair in Shanghai, the brand gave these new vehicles their full debut at the INABIKE trade show in Indonesia, where they showcased these eco-friendly vehicles under the slogan “Go Electric, Go Green, and Cut those CO2 Emissions!”


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