The 2023 Bugatti Electric Scooter Mixes Pedigree With Performance
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The 2023 Bugatti Electric Scooter Mixes Pedigree With Performance

2023 Bugatti Scooter, two riders at night
  • Bugatti’s newest e-scooter ups the game with a 10% larger frame than last year’s model as well as more miles per charge – a reported 35-mile max.
  • The scooter also comes with self-repairing tires, passcode protection for security, and a touchscreen display.
  • No price has officially been quoted yet, but it may be close to the $1,200 price of the 2022 model.

Bugatti may be renowned for its high-performance hypercars, but the brand has taken a detour into the world of electric scooters. Teaming up with tech accessory Bytech, Bugatti launched its first e-scooter in 2022. Now, the 2023 Bugatti electric scooter is here, and it has even more features to brag about.

Specs on the 2023 Bugatti Electric Scooter

Bugatti – 2022 scooter model shown

This new scooter model is 10% larger than the 2022 version, offering a more premium but also robust ride experience. Equipped with a 36 V / 15.6 Ah battery and a 1,000 W motor, this scooter can easily handle inclines up to 18 degrees and reach a top speed of 22 mph. You can get up to 35 miles on a single charge, which is a better range than the previous model.

One notable feature of the 2023 Bugatti scooter is its self-repairing tires. These 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tires come with a built-in glue repair mechanism, similar to those used in bicycles. This technology ensures that potential punctures are quickly repaired, minimizing downtime and inconvenience for riders.

The Riding Experience

The scooter’s design and functionality have also received attention. The larger deck area provides more space for standing, and the addition of passcode protection ensures enhanced security. A touchscreen display shows various ride information, including speed, battery life, and headlight operations. The scooter also boasts leather handle grips and is available in three colors, including a new yellow and black design inspired by Bugatti‘s founder, Ettore Bugatti, and the W16 Mistral roadster.

Safety is a key consideration with the Bugatti electric scooter. The scooter features small LED lights at the end of the leather handles for added visibility. The turn signals are synchronized and displayed on the included MIPS certified helmet, ensuring that riders can easily communicate their intentions to other folks on the road.


Where Can You Buy the Bugatti Electric Scooter?

You should be able to order the 2023 model on the Bugatti website soon. The 2022 model is still selling on there for $1,200, so we can probably expect a similar price point. And for the Bugatti brand, that’s a shockingly accessible sticker price – especially considering that e-scooters like the Kaabo Wolf King GT sell for over 3 grand.

Whether you’re a fan of Bugatti’s hypercars or simply looking for an electric scooter that stands out from the crowd, the Bugatti electric scooter is worth considering. Keep an eye out for its official pricing announcement soon.


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