Segway Wants To Transform Urban Mobility

Segway Wants To Transform Urban Mobility

Segway S90L gateway to urban mobility
  • Segway unveiled multiple new advancements at Micromobility Europe this past June.
  • They showed off the Segway Pilot Edge, an AI module for various e-scooter models.
  • Other offerings they announced included an e-scooter meant for fleet operations and an urban e-bike.

At this year’s Micromobility Europe event in Amsterdam, Segway managed to turn quite a few heads. The mobility brand may have taken some hits in years past, but they’ve been roaring back with exciting new electric kick scooters and motos. But at this event, the brand unveiled innovations like the Segway Pilot Edge, the Lite L60E, and the Urban E-bike B100.

The Tech of the Segway Pilot Edge

Segway Pilot Edge AI

The Segway Pilot Edge is an AI module that seamlessly integrates with multiple e-scooter models to place rider safety at the forefront with real-time insights and predictive analytics. The Pilot Edge is part of the Segway Pilot Platform, which is an open and collaborative suite of AI meant to foster innovation and accelerate the growth of micromobility. 

The comprehensive platform is made up of state-of-the art hardware and software components, encompassing the S90L Vehicle, Pilot Edge, and Software Development Kit (SDK), which all seamlessly integrate with third-party software applications.

The Lite L60E for Fleets

Lite L60 Series

For shared fleet operators, striking a balance between sustainability, cost-efficiency, and performance is crucial. Enter the Lite L60E, Segway‘s latest addition to the market. This game-changing e-scooter sets a new industry standard by empowering operators to achieve maximum operational efficiency with minimal life cycle cost. 

With its robust design and advanced features, the Lite L60E is another intriguing micromobility solution from the brand.

The Urban E-bike B100 for Commuters

Ninebot B100 e-bike

The Urban E-bike B100 is a lightweight and comfortable e-bike designed to cater to the needs of urban commuters. With an impressive 70 km (43.5 mile) range, this sleek and eco-friendly e-bike offers a seamless and sustainable commuting experience, liberating riders from traffic gridlocks and embracing a greener, more enjoyable ride through bustling cityscapes.

More Electrified Mobility Solutions From Segway

At Micromobility Europe, Segway also announced that their flagship products, the S90L and Max Plus X, have received life cycle assessment (LCA) verification from TÜV SÜD, a leading international testing and certification organization. This major milestone marks the first LCA verification statement awarded to shared electric scooters, setting new industry benchmarks and propelling the shift towards a more conscious and responsible future.


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