NIU KQi3: The Newest E-Scooters From One of the Biggest E-Mobility Brands
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NIU KQi3: The Newest E-Scooters From One of the Biggest E-Mobility Brands

NIU KQi3 electric scooters
  • NIU is a very popular brand for e-scooters, and their newest three scooters bring together power and practicality.
  • NIU KQi3 Sport makes for a good urban commuter with a range of just under 25 miles.
  • The NIU KQi3 Pro and Max go even farther with more powerful motors and bigger batteries for longer ranges.

NIU is a pioneering electric scooter company that aims to transform urban mobility around the world. Thanks to the various iterations of the NIU KQi3 electric scooter, the brand is looking to redefine the way we live and make life better.

Combining cutting-edge design and advanced technology, NIU strives to create the ultimate user experience. Their dedication to excellence has earned them seven international design awards, with riders consistently praising the design, performance, and quality of NIU scooters.

What sets NIU apart is their emphasis on being smart and connected. Through the NIU App, riders have complete control over their vehicles, allowing them to monitor battery levels, track their ride stats, and even customize their speed settings. This seamless integration of technology makes the urban commuting experience more convenient and fun.

NIU’s mission goes beyond simply producing electric scooters. They are fundamentally committed to changing the way we live, redefining urban mobility, and making a positive impact on the environment. Through initiatives like ReNIU, they support eco-friendly and sustainable practices. For example, their global Earth Day Clean-Up last year engaged riders across four continents, actively contributing to the renewal and preservation of our urban environments.

Today, NIU e-scooters and e-bikes are sold in 50 countries, and the brand’s riders have traveled more than 7 billion miles, demonstrating the brand’s impact and potential.

Your NIU E-Scooter Buyer’s Guide

E-scooters are, as a general rule, super fun to ride. You get to zip around on city streets with the wind in your face and not waste your gas in stop-and-go traffic. But if you’re looking for an e-scooter that offers you a bit more fun and spirit than a boring rental scooter, look into one of the newest kick scooters from NIU. We break down the three newest scooters from the brand.

NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Kick Scooter

The NIU KQi3 Sport is a sleek and stylish electric scooter that combines nimble handling with a refined riding experience. Thanks to the 300 W motor, you get zippy performance with a top speed of 17.4 mph, a max power of 600 W, and a max range of 24.9 miles on a 365 Wh battery.

This NIU electric scooter makes sure you feel comfortable and secure while riding, with a well-proportioned footboard that’s rubberized for extra grip and wide handlebars that help with maneuverability. Despite its smaller 9.5-inch wheels, the KQi3 Sport handles uneven road surfaces admirably (even handling inclines up to 15%), delivering a comfy ride overall.

With four riding modes to choose from — E-Save, Sport, Custom, and Pedestrian — the NIU KQi3 Sport can cater to different scenarios or ride preferences. The default E-Save mode prioritizes battery life by limiting speed and torque, making it perfect for longer rides. Switching to Sport mode unleashes the scooter’s full performance, offering more torque and a livelier throttle response, albeit requiring a bit more caution. Custom modes allow you to set the top speed, while Pedestrian mode restricts the scooter to a safe 5 mph for crowded areas.

With its trendy design, agile handling, and impressive performance, the NIU KQi3 Sport stands out as an excellent choice for urban commuters and electric mobility enthusiasts alike. And for just $699, it’s a pretty affordable option for many.

NIU KQi3 Pro Electric Kick Scooter

We step it up a notch with the NIU KQi3 Pro, which strikes the perfect balance between sporty and classy. With the 350 W motor, you can get up to 19.9 mph as the top speed and a max power of 700 W, and the 486 Wh battery can take you as far as 31 miles on a single charge.

It features design elements inspired by dirt bikes, like the abundance of reflectors, which give it a rugged yet stylish look. This NIU electric scooter also has that same spacious deck and wide tires, plus an array of accessories including an always-on Halo headlight, two brake levers, and a decently-sized dashboard.

It uses the same four riding modes as the KQi3 Sport, but it has even more stopping power with both front and rear disc brakes, plus the regenerative braking. The KQi3 Pro can handle steeper climbs, too, at a max of 20% inclines that it can tackle.

If you want to be blown away by its smooth and comfortable performance, you can get the NIU KQi3 Pro for $769. At that price, this scooter offers an incredible value for its impressive features. 

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

The NIU KQi3 Max e-scooter is the highest tier of the KQi3 family, and its range, performance, and handling make it an incredible ride. It has an official top speed of 20 mph on public roads, but on private property you can unlock the speed to get all the way up to 24 mph. This is all on a 450 W motor with a max output of 900 W and a 608 Wh battery that can get you up to 40 miles of distance on a charge.

That powerful motor helps the KQi3 Max easily conquer hills – up to a 25% incline. The snazzy red front and rear disc brakes (plus the regenerative brakes) help you stay in control on all sorts of terrains at all levels of speed. To also help with maneuverability, you get a wide deck, wide handlebars, and some fairly fat tires that are self-healing, a special feature you can find only on the Max.

The price of the NIU KQi3 Max may feel a bit steep at $1,104, but if you want a great all-around electric scooter that gives you a thrilling ride and long range, you should consider getting this one.

Why You Should Consider Getting a NIU Scooter

If you want a cool electric kick scooter that manages to pair comfort with performance, then you need to look into getting a scooter from the NIU KQi3 family. The Sport is great for a lot of urban needs, but the Pro and the Max take it all a step further with speed and power. Whichever you choose, you’ll be glad you did.

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