What Is the Fastest Electric Scooter?
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What Is the Fastest Electric Scooter?

the fastest electric scooter WEPED X2
  • Hyperscooters come in a variety of sizes, ranges, and speeds, with many now breaking the 100 km/h threshold.
  • They all have great acceleration as well as powerful brakes to keep riders in control when riding at break-neck speeds.
  • Currently, the fastest electric scooter out there can reach 160 km/h but still has an impressive max range of 200 km (124 miles).

The magic of riding an e-scooter comes from the ability to zoom through the streets with a breeze in your face. But what if, instead of a breeze, you had the wind whipping at your face at 100 km/h? That’s what you can experience in the world of hyperscooters, the performance-based e-scooters that are built for racing and breaking speed records. If you’re a racer, you want to know what speeds you could hit with your ride.

So what is the fastest electric scooter in the world? Here are the top five.

NAMI Burn-E 2 Max – 60 mph (96.56 km/h) Top Speed

NAMI Burn-E 2 Max is in the top 5 fastest electric scooter list

Chinese brand NAMI has made a thrilling and innovative second version of its original record-breaking Burn-E scooter. Here, the Burn-E 2 Max is powered by two formidable 1500 W motors and can peak at an impressive 8400 W, and with its mind-blowing torque and acceleration, you can get up to 60 mph on this scooter. You can also get up to 25 mph in just three seconds.

The Max version has a large, 72 V 40 Ah battery that can give you a max range of 115 miles at a constant 18 mph, making it one of the longest-lasting e-scooters in its class.

The Burn-E 2 was designed with the rider in mind, so it has an array of innovative features like a large, waterproof smart display and the ability to independently adjust the acceleration strength of the front and rear motors as well as the brakes’ intensity. And with 165 mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions and 11-inch tubeless tires, you’re in for a smooth ride on the NAMI Burn-E 2 Max.

Kaabo Wolf King GT – 62.14+ mph (100+ km/h) Top Speed


The Wolf King GT is very much a performance scooter, living up to its royal name. Equipped with dual 2000 W / 7200 W peak power motors and a large 72 V 35 Ah battery, the Wolf King GT accelerates with lightning speed, reaching 30 mph in under four seconds, with a reported top speed of 62 mph.

With a max range of 111 miles at a constant 15 mph, this King also has an impressive battery longevity.

Despite its powerful motors, this scooter has a well-mapped acceleration curve that keeps everything nicely under control while you’re ripping along at highway speeds. The stability is rock-solid thanks to the dual stems and fork-mounted motor controllers. And off-road adventures are a breeze with 11-inch tubeless self-repairing tires and a robust suspension system. 

The Kaabo Wolf King GT was once the fastest production scooter in the world, but it’s since been topped by more competition in the segment.

Dualtron X2 – 68.35 mph (110 km/h) Top Speed


Do you want a scooter where you can definitely break some highway speed limits? The Dualtron X2 is here with a nearly 69 mph top speed and dual motors giving it an astonishing 8300 W peak power. But you’re still (relatively, anyway) safe on this scooter thanks to the brake control. An ABS system with 160 mm disks, it has incredible stopping power and reduced risk of skidding when you’re braking at those high speeds.

Boasting an industry-leading weight capacity of 330 pounds, heavier riders can feel comfortable about cruising with ease and carrying their gear along too. It also has a max range of 93 miles and has the advantage of charging up in only eight hours with the quick charger.

The Dualtron X2’s suspension system deserves special mention. With an excellent 19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension, it will give you a comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

Rion Thrust – 80 mph (128.75 km/h) Top Speed


Rion may call this a “civilized” hyperscooter, but an 80 mph top speed feels anything but civilized. Another dual-motor beefy boi, the Rion Thrust keeps a low center of gravity so that you can stay stable while zipping around like a crazy person (also up to 330 pounds).

You can get up to only 50 miles of range on the Thrust because of its 10 Ah / 84 V battery. But what you get instead is a regenerative braking system attached to a rather heavy (69 pounds) scooter that still manages to fold up for storage, making this a scooter that’s great for racing but also still has some touches of practicality in mind.

Built with a carbon fiber body, the Rion Thrust is a tough scooter designed for incredible speed and agility while still keeping you feeling like you’re in control.

WEPED Sonic Dual – 99.42 mph (160 km/h) Top Speed

WEPED Sonic Dual is the fastest electric scooter

And now for the most face-ripping, fastest electric scooter out there, as of June 2023: The WEPED Sonic Dual.

This cutting-edge electric scooter delivers a solid 8 kW of power to the powerful dual BLDC hub motor, getting you to a safe speed limit of 140 km/h (87 mph) and an absolute max speed of 160 km/h (99.42 mph). This one is a true speed demon. And the 100 Ah / 100.8 V battery pack will take you on plenty of journeys or races with this scooter, getting you up to 200 km (124 miles) as a max range.

It’s also a surprisingly comfortable ride, with its 20-inch tubeless tires and front and rear oil shock absorbers. You also get a high-quality body from the POSCO 6061 aluminum alloy, an advanced braking system (absolutely necessary when you’re going at practically warp speed) with Brembo brakes on the front and rear wheels, and an intuitive widescreen display to help you easily monitor essential ride information.

The WEPED Sonic Dual is an absolute standout in the hyperscooter segment, thanks to its crazy speeds, impressive range, and rugged design. If you want to absolutely demolish in an e-scooter race, this would be the ride to invest in.

The Fastest E-Scooters… For Now, Anyway.

The fun part of the ever-expanding hyperscooter market is that we might just see more scooters in the future that break the limits of the top five fastest e-scooters we’ve listed here. What is the fastest electric scooter going to be in the next two years? Will someone break the 170 km/h limit? Maybe 200 km/h? It’s exciting and only just a little terrifying to think about.


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