Serial 1 E-Bike Acquisition by LEV: Lower Prices, Enhanced Quality, and Job Creation
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Serial 1 E-Bike Acquisition by LEV: Lower Prices, Enhanced Quality, and Job Creation

Serial 1 ebike ridden by our very own Tony Donaldson

Serial 1 has been acquired by LEV Manufacturing, Inc. and Lane VC, a venture capital firm. Serial 1 was the first spun-off electric brand from Harley-Davidson. Named after their first motorcycle from 1903, the bikes are state-of-the-art. They have commuters, electric fitness-oriented bikes, and two different electric mountain bikes. They are all similar in design, but tweaks for their individual uses make the geometry slightly different for each one.

  • Serial 1, the e-bike brand spun off from Harley-Davidson, has been acquired by LEV Manufacturing, Inc. and Lane VC.
  • LEV Manufacturing brings 16 years of experience in building electric vehicles, which is expected to result in advanced products at lower prices for Serial 1’s e-bikes.
  • The acquisition aims to reduce production costs, leading to lower MSRP for Serial 1’s e-bikes, making premium E-Bikes more accessible to consumers.

This is the Rush/City Speed, their commuter with racks, fenders, headlight, an Enviolo CVT hub and a Brose motor. Note the unique LED-lit badge on the head tube. Photo courtesy of Serial1

Harley spun off the brand, like it eventually did with LiveWire, so they can be their own little startup, unconstrained by the deep, slow-moving corporate confines of H-D. At the same time, also letting them use Harley’s 120 years of experience and all of the assets and engineers there. It’s been a pretty smart strategy.

LEV Manufacturing’s Expertise and Strategy for Serial 1’s Success

LEV Manufacturing, Inc. (formerly known as Life Electric Vehicles, Inc.) is a company based in Florida that specializes in lightweight electric vehicles. They have 16 years of experience building e-mobility vehicles. Lane VC. They expect their acquisition of Serial 1 will position the brand for greater success and long-term growth with its US-based e-bike production, service and support, while allowing them to lower the already reasonable prices on the bikes. It’s part of a larger growth strategy.

LEV Manufacturing’s industry relationships and decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing light electric vehicles, guarantee an advanced product at lower prices. LEV Manufacturing’s assembly plant utilizes free-trade zone processes, endorsed by a United States Certificate of Origin, eliminating 3rd party manufacturing, which will result in a more cost-effective production, allowing for a subsequently lower MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).


Serial 1 and LEV Manufacturing: A Vision for Growth and Accessibility

Serial 1’s executive team expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Bringing e-bike production to the USA is an important next step for the Serial 1 Brand. We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this acquisition with a perfect partner in LEV Manufacturing, which will help Serial 1 better serve our customers, dealers, and master distribution partners worldwide. The added benefit of reducing production costs and subsequently lowering the MSRP is a significant win for our consumers and partnerships.” Reduced costs will undoubtedly allow Serial 1 to better position itself to a wider demographic as it falls in line with specific competitive price points globally.

LEV Manufacturing echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the positive impact on the market: “This is the perfect marriage of a great premium American brand with exceptional quality driven American manufacturing. We are very excited to add more jobs to the USA and continue to create world-class products with the acquisition of Serial 1. The cost-cutting measures and the lowered MSRP will further enhance the accessibility of premium E-Bikes for consumers.”



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  1. This is one of the Best e bike designs out there. Great size, perfect angles, smooth ride. We are excited to see the growth,
    more and more units being used in town.

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