Linus Bikes' Felix e6100 E-Bike: Minimal Elegance, 90-Mile Range
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Linus Bikes’ Felix e6100 E-Bike: Minimal Elegance, 90-Mile Range

Image showcasing Linus Bikes Felix e6100 electric bike 90-Mile Range - white and blue side profile
  • The Linus Bikes’ Felix e6100 e-bike features a quick-charge Shimano e8014 battery, providing an impressive travel range of up to 90 miles on a single charge, allowing for extended rides without recharging.
  • This electric bike combines style and comfort with features like a gel comfort saddle and vegan leather grips with polished end caps, ensuring both aesthetics and rider comfort.
  • The Felix e6100 prioritizes safety with a powerful headlamp and tail light. It also offers convenience with an easy-to-read display and wireless connectivity for third-party apps, enhancing ride analytics and navigation.

The Linus Bikes’ Felix e6100 electric bike is crafted with a unique combination of efficiency, functionality, and elegance. Unlike typical ebikes, this model offers greater utility, enabling riders to effortlessly carry out daily activities such as transporting a heavy load of groceries. The bike’s design encapsulates Linus Bikes’ signature elegance, making it not only practical for daily use but also visually attractive. At the heart of this e-bike is the Shimano e6100 motor system, delivering power-assisted speed. This makes the Felix e6100 exceptionally capable of handling hilly urban environments, providing riders with an easier, more enjoyable commuting experience.

Image showcasing Linus Bikes Felix e6100 electric bike 90-Mile Range - man riding side profile

Cutting-Edge Features for a Seamless Ride Experience

Designed from the ground up with every detail considered, Linus Bikes brings you the next evolution of Linus electric with motor power up to 20mph. The large, easy-to-view display enhances the rider’s convenience, providing critical information at a glance. Moreover, this model by Linus Bikes is enabled with wireless communication, allowing seamless connection with third-party applications for enhanced ride analytics and navigation capabilities.

Image showcasing Linus Bikes Felix e6100 electric bike 90-Mile Range - front quarter profile

Key Bike Features:

  • With a rapid-charging Shimano e8014 battery, this e-bike offers an impressive travel range of up to 90 miles on a single charge, ensuring you can go that extra mile.
  • The spacious, easy-to-read display provides essential information at a glance, enhancing your riding convenience.
  • Stay connected effortlessly with seamless wireless communication, allowing integration with third-party apps for advanced ride analytics and navigation
  • The Felix e6100 is equipped with a gel comfort saddle designed to provide superior support and comfort for extended rides.
  • The bike also boasts vegan leather grips with polished lock-on end caps, adding a touch of luxury to the rider’s experience.
  • Incorporated into the bike’s design is a heavy-duty rear rack, practical for carrying luggage, groceries, or other items during your commute.
  • Visibility and safety are paramount; thus, the Felix e6100 comes with a 40 lumens headlamp and a 6-lumens tail light to ensure the rider is visible at all times.
  • Finally, an alloy kickstand provides sturdy and reliable support when the bike is parked.

The electric bike‘s design captures a beach cruiser vibe, evoking a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. Both the seat and tires enhance this classic aesthetic, making the Felix e6100 by Linus Bikes a tribute to timeless bicycle designs. Plus, you can take advantage of a 37% discount on the MSRP, bringing the sale price down to just $1,895.00.



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