NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle
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NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle

Image showcasing NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle Electrify Expo Industry Day Austin TX 2023 - Mei-Ling Wong

At Electrify Expo’s Industry Day event in Austin, Texas, NIU Technologies, a prominent name in electric mobility, introduced their latest innovation – the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle. Mei-ling Wong, the Head of International Branding at NIU, and Benjamin McGill, the Head of North America, stood in the spotlight to unveil this remarkable addition to their diverse product lineup.

A Vision Beyond the Ordinary: Transforming Urban Mobility

At the heart of NIU’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to redefine urban mobility and enhance the quality of life for individuals. Mei-ling Wong underscored the company’s ambition to ascend as the top lifestyle brand for urban mobility, underpinned by a fusion of avant-garde design and cutting-edge technology.


A Journey of Evolution

Since its inception in 2014, NIU Technologies has traveled a remarkable path. In just under a year, they introduced their first product, an electric moped, and orchestrated an astonishing feat by raising a staggering $11 million in a mere 15-day online pre-sale campaign. This early triumph laid the groundwork for NIU’s rapid expansion.

In 2018, the company made a significant move by joining NASDAQ, showcasing its global aspirations. Concurrently, they marked an extraordinary milestone with riders clocking an astonishing one billion kilometers globally. The year 2021 witnessed the debut of their first electric kick scooter, diversifying their product range to cater to varied urban mobility needs. By 2022, they had ushered in their debut e-bike, further broadening their horizons.

By 2023, NIU celebrated riders accomplishing an astounding 20 billion kilometers across cities worldwide, firmly establishing themselves as a preeminent force in the electric mobility sphere. Their commendable contribution to environmental preservation is equally striking, with 11 billion pounds of total CO2 emissions averted since 2016.

Image showcasing NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle Electrify Expo Industry Day Austin TX 2023 - Mei-Ling Wong

A Global Footprint

NIU Technologies has transcended geographical boundaries, operating proficiently in 53 countries globally. Their products are available in over 5,000 stores, and their user base now exceeds three million riders. The company’s commitment to excellence has garnered them accolades from prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Award and the FDOT Award.

Introducing the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle

Image showcasing NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle Electrify Expo Industry Day Austin TX 2023 - Benjamin McGill

The focal point of the event was the grand unveiling of NIU’s XQi3 electric motorcycle, which presents itself in two iterations: the street version and the wild version.

  • Performance: The XQi3 exhibits a formidable 8,000 Watt peak power, endowing riders with the capability to tackle steep inclines, execute jumps, and even perform wheelies. With an impressive 357 newton meters of torque, it achieves speeds of up to 47 miles per hour and offers an estimated range of 43.5 miles.
  • Safety: Safety occupies a paramount position in NIU’s ethos, and the XQi3 embodies that dedication. It boasts a prominent Halo lamp in the front, ensuring optimal road visibility, along with rear braking lights, turn signals, and side mirrors. The chassis, crafted from forged aluminum, strikes a balance between robustness for off-road expeditions and agility for urban maneuvering. Sinister brake pads, recognized as the industry standard for off-road vehicles, guarantee reliable braking.


  • Technology: NIU’s ardor for technology shines through in the XQi3, which features NFC Bluetooth connectivity, a versatile TFT dashboard, and comprehensive route tracking. These attributes augment the rider’s experience and convenience.
  • Two Versions: The street version caters to everyday urban commuting, complying with street-legal requirements through the inclusion of turn signals, license plates, and mirrors. In contrast, the wild version emerges as an off-road powerhouse, capable of attaining speeds of 47 miles per hour and conquering rugged terrains.

XQi3 Electric Motorcycle Availability and Price Point

Image showcasing NIU Technologies Unveils the XQi3 Electric Motorcycle Electrify Expo Industry Day Austin TX 2023 - Benjamin McGill

Anticipation runs high as the NIU XQi3 electric motorcycle is poised to grace the market in March 2024, sporting an estimated MSRP of $5,499. This launch marks yet another milestone in NIU Technologies’ journey to redefine urban mobility and make a profound impact.

NIU Technologies remains at the forefront of electric mobility, and the XQi3 electric motorcycle serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering high performance, safety, technology, and reliability. With its upcoming launch, both urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate this new addition to the world of electric vehicles.



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