Addmotor GRAOOPRO Cargo E-bike Boasts 500lbs Load Capacity
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Addmotor GRAOOPRO Cargo E-bike Boasts 500lbs Load Capacity

Addmotor GRAOOPRO Cargo E-bike next to cafe
  • Addmotor released its GRAOOPRO electric cargo bike, with its notable load capacity of 500 lbs, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks.
  • GRAOOPRO offers long-lasting performance, boasting a range of 210 miles thanks to its dual battery feature.
  • Addmotor’s GRAOOPRO electric cargo bike shows great effectiveness and adaptability in varying terrains and weather.

Addmotor, a trailblazing brand in the electric bike industry, continues to raise the bar with its commitment to safety and quality. The company has recently unveiled a new addition to its collection, the GRAOOPRO electric cargo bike. This high-performance bike stands out with its notable load capacity of 500 lbs, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks. What truly sets the GRAOOPRO apart is its long-lasting performance, boasting a range of 210 miles thanks to its dual battery feature. This extraordinary mileage range, combined with its robust load capability, makes the GRAOOPRO an unmatched option for all of your cargo bike needs.

Addmotor has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted electric bike brands in the United States over the years. This trust has been forged through a relentless commitment to enhancing customer experiences and innovating features for superior, more comfortable riding. The GRAOOPRO, Addmotor’s first dual-battery cargo e-bike, exemplifies this commitment. Developed in response to customer feedback, the bike meets the demand for enhanced load capacity and extended travel distance. With the GRAOOPRO, Addmotor continues to redefine the standards of the electric bike industry, solidifying its position as a trusted and innovative brand.

Dual Battery System Amplifies Power Performance

Addmotor’s latest reveal, the GRAOOPRO cargo electric bike, introduces a groundbreaking element to the e-bike industry – dual battery adaptability. The dual battery system not only amplifies the power performance of the electric bike but remarkably extends its range as well. The GRAOOPRO cargo e-bike, utilizing dual batteries, can travel an astonishing 210 miles on a single charge at PAS 1, setting a new benchmark for electric bike range. Even with single battery usage, riders can comfortably travel over 105 miles on a single charge. This blend of power and range makes the GRAOOPRO a standout in its class, solidifying Addmotor’s position as a frontrunner in e-bike innovation.

Exceptional Strength, Versatility, and Range

The models of the Addmotor brand are highly versatile and strong enough to face different conditions, proving their effectiveness and adaptability in varying terrains and weather. Whether you’re navigating city streets or countryside trails, the GRAOOPRO ensures a smooth and effortless ride, making every trip an enjoyable journey. With its exceptional strength, versatility, and range, the GRAOOPRO is redefining the power and potential of electric bikes.

The GRAOOPRO is more than just a standard electric bike – it’s an exceptional cargo carrier for those seeking greater distance coverage or increased payload capacity. With a phenomenal load capacity of 500 lbs, comprising 300 lbs of rider and 200 lbs of cargo, it is designed to cater to your heavy-duty tasks efficiently. Whether it’s transporting groceries, daily essentials, or larger items, the GRAOOPRO delivers outstanding performance. Equipped with a robust 750W rear-mounted motor, this e-bike ensures that additional payload has minimal impact on its speed. It provides consistent power assistance for a smooth, effortless riding experience, regardless of the load you’re carrying. This unique attribute of the GRAOOPRO defines it as a reliable and efficient solution for your transportation needs, blurring the lines between utility and performance.

Advanced Lighting System and Mid-Axis Torque Sensor

The GRAOOPRO also showcases the EB 2.0 advanced lighting system and mid-axis torque sensor, further enhancing powering optimization and overall efficiency. The advanced lighting system, specifically designed for electric bikes, minimizes power consumption, saving up to 15% of energy in the process. This not only extends the life of your battery but also contributes to a more sustainable mode of transportation.

In addition, the mid-axis torque sensor technology works to improve the riding range by 20%-30%. It measures and responds to your pedaling power, adjusting the motor assistance accordingly for optimal performance. Coupled with its multi-functional 5-in-1 taillight, the GRAOOPRO ensures your ride is safe by providing clear and effective indications. This feature-rich e-bike stands as a testament to Addmotor’s commitment to integrating advanced technology to improve your transportation options.

Center-Mounted Kickstand and Adjustable Handlebar

The GRAOOPRO electric bike is thoughtfully designed to include a center-mounted kickstand. This crucial feature enables easy loading and unloading of heavy items, simplifies tasks, and makes the e-bike more user-friendly. The kickstand further enhances the stability of the bike when parked, ensuring it stands unaided even with a loaded cargo rack. In line with this attention to comfort and usability, the GRAOOPRO also boasts an adjustable handlebar. This allows riders to modify the handlebar position to suit their preferred sitting posture, ensuring that each ride is as comfortable as possible. These minor features work in tandem to deliver an exceptional riding experience, demonstrating that every aspect of the GRAOOPRO is created with the user’s comfort and convenience at its core.

Delivering Exceptional Results Across a Variety of Conditions

Addmotor’s GRAOOPRO electric bike is a complete package of comfort and performance. This versatile electric bike delivers exceptional results across a variety of conditions, making each ride efficient regardless of the surface. It moves seamlessly, minimizing the rider’s effort and preventing fatigue. What truly sets the GRAOOPRO apart from other e-bikes is its impressive range of 210 miles on a single charge, combined with a payload capacity of 500 lbs. These standout features underscore its superior power and endurance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking top-tier performance and dependability in an electric bike.

Elongated Rear Rack, Providing Ample Space to Accommodate Loads or a Passenger

The GRAOOPRO is also fitted with an elongated rear rack, providing ample space to accommodate loads or a passenger comfortably. This broadens the bike’s usability from a personal commuting vehicle to a cargo hauler. Moreover, the bike comes equipped with patented buttons designed to simplify the process of accessing its various features. Whether it’s changing gears, adjusting speed, or turning on the bike’s integrated lights, these buttons make it a breeze. Adding to the ease of use is the bike’s waterproof LCD. This display provides the rider with critical information such as speed, distance traveled, battery status, and more. With this data readily available, riders can make timely decisions and adjustments, further enhancing the convenience of their journey on the GRAOOPRO electric bike.

Addmotor Consistently Prioritizes User Experience

Addmotor’s commitment to detail and receptiveness to customer feedback has solidified its reputation as a beloved brand among riders. By consistently prioritizing user experience, Addmotor delivers not just a stellar e-bike but also unmatched value. The GRAOOPRO is also a testament to this, with its eye-catching design and color variants that appeal to a broad range of aesthetic preferences.

State-Of-The-Art Power System

The blend of form and function is epitomized in the EB 2.0 electrical system that powers the GRAOOPRO. This state-of-the-art power system underpins the bike’s high performance, ensuring that riders enjoy smooth, uninterrupted journeys. With its blend of style, performance, and user-focused design, the Addmotor GRAOOPRO electric bike truly stands out as the perfect travel companion.



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