The Murf Higgs Cargo E-Bike: 750W Motor, 20" Fat Tires, and Customizable Modes
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The Murf Higgs Cargo E-Bike: 750W Motor, 20″ Fat Tires, and Customizable Modes

MURF Higgs Cargo e-bike with extra set parked on beach
  • The Higgs Cargo E-bike by Murf Electric Bikes provides an unparalleled cycling experience.
  • The Higgs Cargo is specifically designed for women and children, offering improved comfort and safety.
  • The Murf Higgs Cargo boasts effortless handling and maneuverability, catering to cyclers of all levels.

Murf Electric Bikes, the trailblazers in e-bike technology, introduced the Higgs Cargo e-bike, a groundbreaking innovation in electric bikes. The Higgs Cargo promises a new level of power and comfort, catering to cyclers of all levels. Designed with families in mind, this passenger e-bike marries convenience, accessibility, and comfort to provide an unparalleled cycling experience. Its superior control mechanisms revolutionize urban navigation and adventuring, opening up new avenues for exploration. Experience the future of e-biking with Higgs Cargo and reinvent your riding journeys.

The Higgs Cargo e-bike, specifically designed for women and smaller riders, marks a paradigm shift in the realm of passenger e-bikes. Emerged from the inventive labs of Murf, this cargo e-bike sports the lowest profile in the company’s line, personifying a compact and comfortable design that radically reinterprets accessibility. This allows a more diverse rider base to relish the liberty and adaptability that e-bike commuting affords.

The Higgs Cargo boasts effortless handling and maneuverability, delivering a riding experience of unparalleled supremacy. This superior maneuverability is achieved through the bike’s lightweight, low frame, and elongated wheelbase that together form the ideal center of gravity. A design element worth noting is the exceptionally low step-over height, which enables easy mounting and dismounting, making Higgs Cargo a perfect match for riders across all age groups and skill levels.


The Murf Higgs Cargo e-bike is not just an ordinary e-bike; it is a fully equipped transport tool packed with matchless features to transform how you ride. The 20 “X 4” Fat Tire is meticulously crafted for stability, providing superior handling capabilities across varied terrains. The e-bike’s top speed of up to 20mph ensures a quick yet safe commute, backed by a robust power output including 500w nominal power and up to 750w during peak performance.

The impressive range of 35-50 miles makes for fewer interruptions and more adventurous rides. The Higgs Cargo also features a 7-speed derailleur, providing the flexibility to adapt to various riding conditions. Powering this e-bike is a reliable 52-volt, 15 Amp-Hour battery, ensuring longevity and instilling confidence for any journey. The Higgs Cargo also offers customizable riding experiences with a throttle & 5 level pedal assist feature, allowing riders to select their preferred mode of transport. Ride the Higgs Cargo and redefine your cycling experience.

When designing the Higgs Cargo e-bike, one key aspect was given paramount importance: ensuring the safety and comfort of all riders, especially when transporting children. This has resulted in a bike that features a comprehensive suite of safety measures, such as its sturdy construction, responsive braking system, and wide, stable tires, all of which work together to maintain balance and control in various conditions.

For comfort, the bike boasts adjustable seating and handlebars, making it an easy fit for riders of different heights and providing a smooth, comfortable ride. The Higgs Cargo’s thoughtfully designed features not only ensure a delightful ride for all but also provide peace of mind for parents, making it the ideal choice for family adventures.


CEO and Founder Josh Jones explained the design process, “Our vision was to create a passenger and cargo bike that riders of all sizes and backgrounds could enjoy. We took the functionality of the Alpha Cargo and combined it with the compact design of the Higgs Step-Thru to create the most accessible passenger e-bike on the market. The Higgs Cargo is not just a bike; it’s a gateway to shared moments, memories, and endless possibilities.”

The Murf Higgs Cargo e-bike is competitively priced at $2,895.00. Murf Electric Bikes is a brand recognized for its superior customer service, underlining the company’s understanding of the importance and joy of spending quality time with family and friends.

The Higgs Cargo isn’t just an electric bike – it’s a call to adventure, exploration, and camaraderie. Together, riders can break new ground, explore uncharted territories, and create cherished memories. To learn more about Murf’s entire fleet of e-bikes and accessories and to understand what sets the Murf community apart, visit



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