Addmotor Unleashes the FOLDTAN M-160: The Ultimate Folding E-Bike for City Adventurers
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Addmotor Unleashes the FOLDTAN M-160: The Ultimate Folding E-Bike for City Adventurers

Photo of Addmotor's FOLDTAN M-160 foldable e-bike in green.
  • Addmotor’s FOLDTAN M-160: The ultimate e-bike for urban commuters.
  • U-shaped handlebar for comfort and control.
  • Powerful 750W motor, 48V*20Ah battery, and top-notch safety features.

Addmotor, a big name in the e-bike world, has just unveiled their latest gem, the FOLDTAN M-160. This folding electric bike is a big deal for urban commuters, combining style, convenience, and functionality like never before.

Introducing the FOLDTAN M-160: A Stylish and Comfortable E-Bike with Quick-Fold Technology!

The FOLDTAN M-160’s U-shaped handlebar is really awesome. It not only looks cool but also delivers a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience. This handlebar design offers enhanced control and stability, making navigating crowded streets a breeze.

With the FOLDTAN M-160’s special folding feature, you can quickly and easily fold and unfold this e-bike in just 10 seconds! This makes it very convenient to take on buses or trains or keep in small places. Enjoy the freedom of a flexible commuting solution with the FOLDTAN M-160!

Photo of Addmotor's FOLDTAN M-160 foldable e-bike in blue.

Enhanced Riding Control: Unleash the Power of 7-level Pedal Assist and Torque Sensor

Tailor your riding experience with the FOLDTAN M-160’s 7-level Pedal Assist system. The Torque Sensor lets you effortlessly choose the level of assistance you need, giving you more control over your ride.


The e-bike packs a punch with its 750W Rear Mounted Motor and a high-capacity 48V*20Ah battery. With an impressive range of up to 100 miles on a single charge, this e-bike is a reliable companion for your daily adventures.

Uncompromising Safety and Ultimate Comfort: The FOLDTAN M-160 E-Bike

Safety is non-negotiable, and Addmotor knows it. The FOLDTAN M-160 comes equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and a Motor Cut-off Sensor, ensuring precise and reliable stopping power in any situation. Ride with confidence knowing you can stop swiftly and safely.

The FOLDTAN M-160 takes comfort seriously. Its preload-adjustable front suspension fork with 45mm of travel guarantees a smooth ride, absorbing shocks and bumps along the way. The 20″ X 4.0″ fat tires with a stable 35 PSI inflation make cruising through various terrains a breeze.

Photo of Addmotor's FOLDTAN M-160 foldable e-bike in yellow.

Express Your Style and Comfort

Show your personality with the FOLDTAN M-160 e-bike, which comes in bright colors such as White, Yellow, Dark Green, Sky Blue, and Candy Red. Addmotor allows you to ride with both style and practicality.

Addmotor’s meticulous approach shines through in every aspect of the FOLDTAN M-160. The SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300 Rear Derailleur ensures smooth gear shifts and optimal power distribution. The Durable Ergonomic Design Grip and Adjustable Saddle let you customize your comfort to the max.


The FOLDTAN M-160‘s versatility, advanced technology, and unbeatable folding capabilities make it the ultimate choice for urban commuters. It’s time to level up your daily commute!

You can pre-order it now for $1,899.00! Head over to Addmotor’s official website at for all the details about the FOLDTAN M-160 and stay up-to-date on the latest developments.


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