Gogoro Introduces the First Two-Wheel SUV
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Gogoro Introduces the First Two-Wheel SUV

Gogoro Crossover SUV scooter with rider on road
  • The innovative Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter is the first two-wheel SUV on the market.
  • The CrossOver stands out with its customizable and personalizable features.
  • The Gogoro CrossOver was designed with flexible cargo capacity, providing ample room for a passenger.

Gogoro Inc., a pioneer in battery-swapping ecosystems, propelling sustainable urban mobility, unveiled its latest innovation – the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter. This product marks a significant milestone as it is the first two-wheel SUV on the market. The CrossOver, apart from its distinct design, stands out due to its customizable and personalizable features, allowing riders to adjust its functions as per their preferences and requirements. This innovative Smartscooter will be available in Taiwan later this quarter and will be offered in two models: The CrossOver and the CrossOver S.

“The Gogoro CrossOver embodies everything our brand has come to stand for. Highlighted by new functional design features, improved performance, and the latest innovation, the CrossOver is focused on being personally customizable by each rider,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO of Gogoro. “The CrossOver is based on a completely redesigned all-terrain frame that enables increased rigidity while offering a variety of storage and riding capabilities. The CrossOver is a significant step forward for our vehicle product family in Taiwan and across our new markets where we continue to expand vehicle options for our customers.”

New All-Terrain Chassis to Handle Various Road Conditions

The Gogoro CrossOver boasts a new all-terrain chassis optimized to handle various road conditions with ease. This newly developed frame offers increased rigidity, improving the smartscooter’s strength and stability even on challenging terrains. Additionally, the CrossOver provides a ground clearance of 14.2 centimeters, the highest across all models in Gogoro’s current vehicle lineup. This feature further enhances the vehicle’s adaptability, making it a perfect partner for adventurous rides.

Designed With Flexible Cargo Capacity

The Gogoro CrossOver two-wheel SUV has been designed with flexible cargo capacity to adapt to a variety of riding scenarios. The Smartscooter provides ample room for a passenger, as well as numerous storage options. It includes a novel mounting point expansion system that incorporates 26 locking points. Riders can take advantage of four cargo areas: the platform design headlight, foot area, seat, and rear cargo space, enabling the CrossOver to fulfill most storage needs. For added convenience, the rear seat can either be flipped up or completely removed to increase cargo storage as required. To enhance its functionality, Gogoro has introduced a range of new access sories, such as a side faceplate rack, an off-road front rack, and a lightweight aluminum front basket.

Gogoro Two-wheel SUV Offers Powerful Performance and Easy Control

Continuing its tradition of innovation and superior performance, Gogoro presents this CrossOver two-wheel SUV with a unique combination of advanced features and robustness. At its heart, a G2.2 aluminum alloy water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor renders an impressive maximum power of 7.6 kW, while a FLO DRIVE™ belt drive system ensures a seamless riding experience. Safety is expertly handled with a Synchronized Braking System (SBS) that includes front/rear disc brakes designed to stabilize and decrease braking distance. 

The new frame design of the CrossOver significantly enhances the suspension system’s durability and accommodates larger loads without compromising on comfort or stability. The suspension system includes a telescopic front fork and a dual rear shock absorber, complemented by 12-inch Maxxis MA-EV high-grip dual-performance tires. To top it all, the CrossOver features a tactical LED ultra-bright headlight, providing excellent visibility during night rides while also increasing loading capacity. Altogether, these features make the CrossOver a standout in its category, signifying Gogoro’s commitment to delivering a top-notch ride experience and performance.

New 6.8 iQ System Offers Smart Features

The CrossOver series is further enhanced with the inclusion of the new 6.8 iQ System®. This advanced system enables the addition of multiple smart functions accessible via the Gogoro Mobile App. Complementing its existing Bluetooth controls, the CrossOver Series can now utilize LTE smart remote networking services, offering riders a seamless connection to their vehicle around the clock. This connectivity provides active message notifications, remote command, and control, real-time online vehicle condition checks, including vehicle tip-over warnings, and the ability to lock/unlock the vehicle, open compartments, and even query vehicle location. The Gogoro CrossOver S boasts of the latest generation S Smartcore intelligent driving electronic control core and is specifically integrated with Gogoro’s new Traction Control System (TCS). An optional cruise control mode is also available, enabling riders to activate cruise control with a single click.

Over 100 Custom Colors Available

With the debut of the two-wheel SUV CrossOver in Taiwan, Gogoro is also launching the Gogoro Bespoke Club, a novel platform for Smartscooter customization services. This exclusive club allows CrossOver riders to truly make their Smartscooter their own, offering a palette of more than 100 color combinations for a unique, personal touch. Whether you’re looking for bold and vibrant hues or subtle and sophisticated tones, the Bespoke Club enables you to design a Smartscooter that not only meets your performance expectations but also beautifully echoes your personal style.

Available in Two Color Combinations

The CrossOver, with its groundbreaking features and stunning aesthetics, will be available in two distinct color combinations: the ethereal Desert White and the mysterious Night Storm Grey. These color options cater to different personalities and styles, ensuring that every rider can find a CrossOver that truly represents them. On the other hand, the CrossOver S, known for its advanced capabilities and smart features, offers even more variety. It will be available in four color combinations: the fiery Myst Red, the vibrant Summit Yellow, the serene Desert White, and the enigmatic Night Storm Grey. These colors, carefully chosen and exquisitely applied, further enhance the charm and appeal of the CrossOver S, making it not just a mode of transportation but a statement of identity.



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