Toyota Motor North America Reports 68% Increase in Q2 2024 EV Sales
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Toyota Motor North America Reports 68% Increase in Q2 2024 EV Sales

Electrify Expo toyota bz4X display
  • Toyota and Lexus EV sales soared by 64.5% in June 2024, with 84,781 units sold compared to June 2023.
  • EVs made up 38.3% of TMNA’s total sales in the first half of 2024, a 67.9% increase from the same period in 2023.
  • The Toyota bZ4X had its best-ever sales, with 1,353 units sold in June and 9,468 units year-to-date, while Lexus achieved its best-ever first half, with 36.5% of its sales being EVs.

June 2024 saw Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) selling 193,120 vehicles, with electric vehicle (EV) sales soaring by an astounding 64.5% to 84,781 units, making up nearly 44% of their total monthly sales. This surge is part of a broader trend observed over the first half of the year, where TMNA’s (Toyota and Lexus) EV sales hit 454,197 units, an impressive 67.9% increase, accounting for 38.3% of their total sales, driven by demand for affordable and premium crossover SUVs.


Jack Hollis, Executive Vice President of Sales at TMNA, expressed his excitement about this milestone, stating, “The first half of 2024 surpassed our high expectations thanks to our teams’ continued focus on customers with even more great products, including electrified vehicles.” His words resonate with the collective enthusiasm of a team that has tirelessly worked to make these achievements possible.

Toyota Motor North America Reports 68% Increase in Q2 2024 EV Sales - Toyota at Electrify Expo

Toyota’s diverse portfolio of 29 EV options between the Toyota and Lexus brands is a testament to their commitment to providing something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the rugged reliability of a Toyota Tundra HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) or the luxurious sophistication of a Lexus RX PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle), there’s an EV tailored to meet your needs. This variety is crucial in ensuring that the transition to EVs is accessible to a broad audience, from eco-conscious millennials to tech-savvy boomers.


The Toyota bZ4X, their flagship electric SUV, achieved its best-ever sales during this period, with 1,353 units sold in June and 9,468 units sold so far in 2024, cementing its position as a leading choice for consumers. The Toyota Camry Hybrid experienced a remarkable 318.4% increase, selling 51,074 units thus far in 2024.

Toyota bZ4X at Electrify Expo

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division, also had a phenomenal first half of 2024, recording its best-ever performance in its 35-year history. With EV sales representing 36.5% of their total sales volume, Lexus is proving that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. The appeal of their EVs, such as the NX PHEV and RX HEV, lies in their ability to offer top-tier luxury. Sales of the Lexus RZ BEV surged by 404.8% year-to-date.

Toyota Motor North America Reports 68% Increase in Q2 2024 EV Sales - Lexus at Electrify Expo

Jack Hollis stated, “Lexus recorded its best-ever first half in its 35-year history, Toyota remains the number one retail brand in the industry, and our diverse portfolio of 29 electrified vehicle options between the Toyota and Lexus brands made up nearly 40 percent of our total sales volume through June.”

Toyota and Lexus remain dedicated to expanding and improving their EV lineup to meet growing consumer demand.

Toyota’s U.S. EV Sales for June 2024 and Year-to-Date:

Vehicle ModelJune 2024 SalesJune 2023 SalesJune 2024 DSR %June 2024 VOL %2024 YTD Sales2023 YTD SalesYTD DSR %YTD VOL %
Toyota Prius Hybrid61,698-99.6-99.610,75512,275-13.5-12.4
Toyota Prius Prime7768-99.1-99.14,6182,66671.073.2
Toyota Corolla Hybrid3,7122,80832.232.227,90723,10119.220.8
Toyota Camry Hybrid23,6934,386440.2440.251,07412,207313.0318.4
Toyota Mirai20445-95.5-95.52451,722-86.0-85.8
Toyota Crown1,4931,23221.221.214,0326,155125.0128.0
Toyota Sienna Hybrid5,4176,418-15.6-15.632,85827,93716.117.6
Toyota Highlander Hybrid1,4262,650-46.2-46.210,99233,422-67.5-67.1
Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid2,149543,880.03,880.020,5695437,496.037,991.0
Toyota Sequoia Hybrid2,3441,62244.544.512,8679,55532.934.7
Toyota Land Cruiser2,0641206,300.0206,300.03,461485,301.086,425.0
Toyota bZ4X BEV1,353616119.6119.69,4683,659155.4158.8
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid16,44514,91910.210.2111,52657,20892.494.9
Toyota RAV4 Prime2,8831,139153.1153.117,07410,97053.655.6
Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid3,105530485.8485.817,1295303,090.03,132.0
Toyota Venza Hybrid4,1332,29280.380.321,52713,07762.564.6
Toyota Tacoma Hybrid21200.00.021700.00.0
Toyota Tundra Hybrid4,1472,34976.576.526,86714,28085.788.1
Lexus ES Hybrid1,4651,19222.922.97,6295,76630.632.3
Lexus UX Hybrid7181,012-29.1-29.15,3726,800-22.0-21.0
Lexus NX Hybrid2,3171,65040.440.413,1727,27778.781.0
Lexus NX PHEV66044747.747.73,1352,29834.736.4
Lexus RZ BEV1,190281323.5323.55,6391,117398.3404.8
Lexus RX Hybrid3,2133,0186.56.520,28718,3199.310.7
Lexus RX PHEV13200.00.01,78400.00.0
Lexus TX Hybrid43100.00.03,54600.00.0
Lexus TX PHEV4200.00.038000.00.0
Lexus LS Hybrid38-62.5-62.55761-7.8-6.6
Lexus LC Hybrid100.00.0814-43.6-42.9
TOTAL TMNA Electrified Vehicles84,78151,53664.564.5454,197270,48065.767.9
TOTAL Toyota Electrified Vehicles74,60943,92869.869.8393,188228,82869.671.8
TOTAL Lexus Electrified Vehicles10,1727,60833.733.761,00941,65244.646.5
Total TMNA Sales Ratio43.9%26.4%38.3%26.0%
Selling Days2626154153



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