Toyota Announces Breakthrough with Solid-State Batteries
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Toyota Announces Breakthrough with Solid-State Batteries

toyota solid-state battery bz4x
  • Toyota had a breakthrough in manufacturing EV batteries with up to 745 miles of range. 
  • The automaker also claims that solid-state batteries will charge in about 10 minutes. 
  • Toyota expects to release hybrid vehicles with solid-state batteries in 2025. 
  • The automaker plans to release fully-electric vehicles with solid-state batteries in 2027. 

In an ironic Independence Day announcement, Toyota shared a technological breakthrough in solid-state EV batteries. This breakthrough could reduce EV drivers’ dependence on their charging stations, as the new technology could provide a range of over 700 miles on a single charge. 


New Tech Appearing in 2025 & 2027

This tech breakthrough lets the automaker reduce the weight, cost, and size of EV batteries, moving EVs into a new era. Before the breakthrough, Toyota was already planning to develop mild-hybrid cars (like the Corolla Cross Hybrid or Lexus ES300h) with solid-state batteries by 2025. This new technology will improve driving range and reduce charging time. Toyota is working with Panasonic to develop the improved power source. 

Before this announcement, Toyota shared that it plans to produce EVs with solid-state batteries as soon as 2027. The news about simplifying solid-state battery production probably won’t speed up the release of solid-state EVs, but it does offer hope for the future – especially regarding affordability, range, and charging speeds. 

Prototype to Finished Product

The big question about the breakthrough is how will it take to scale it past the prototype stage. If Toyota has had a true breakthrough, the new battery technology will set a new standard for electric vehicles. Toyota claims the batteries could have a range of up to 745 miles and a ten-minute charging time. Solid-state batteries have less fire risk compared to liquid-state batteries, too. 

Toyota claims the breakthrough involves durability issues regarding solid-state batteries and EVs. The automaker expects that the new battery technology will reduce the number of steps needed to manufacture EVs. 

Toyota solid-state battery prototype

Slow to the Party But Gaining Ground

Toyota led the way with mild-hybrid vehicles like the Prius, but the automaker has been slow to release fully-electric vehicles. The Toyota bZ4X is the first EV from the world’s largest automaker, but the new battery technology could put Toyota on a similar playing field with EVs as Tesla. 

Improving Lithium-Ion Tech Along the Way

Toyota also plans to improve the technology used to make lithium-ion batteries, as the stakeholders recognize that solid-state batteries aren’t the primary solution to EV charging and range issues. Lithium-ion batteries use a liquid electrolyte, while solid-state batteries have a solid electrolyte. Solid-state batteries have lithium at the anode, while current lithium-ion batteries have graphite at the anode.



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