Lightning Strikes Twice: Ford's Bold Price Cuts on F-150 Electric Pickup Truck
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Lightning Strikes Twice: Ford’s Bold Price Cuts on F-150 Electric Pickup Truck

Photo of Ford employee showing customer the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum features.
  • Ford cuts F-150 Lightning prices, making it more affordable.
  • Rising costs and production challenges led to previous price increases.
  • The move aligns with upcoming vehicle releases and increases accessibility in the electric pickup market.

In a surprising and exciting announcement, Ford Motor Company has taken a major step forward in the electric vehicle (EV) market. The automaker has decided to slash prices across its F-150 Lightning lineup, signaling a significant shift in strategy. This move comes after a series of price hikes since the truck’s debut in 2021. With this bold maneuver, Ford aims to make the Lightning more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Ford’s F-150 Pro Truck now starts at $49,995, a $9,979 Drop!

Photo of Ford F-150 Lighting test drives at Electrify Expo

The price cuts are nothing short of remarkable. The Pro commercial truck, which is the entry-level model, will now start at an enticing $49,995. This represents a substantial reduction of $9,979. Even the top-of-the-line Platinum Extended range has seen a price drop of $6,079, bringing its starting price down to $91,995. These changes are sure to grab the attention of potential buyers who have been eagerly awaiting a more affordable electric pickup.

Ford’s decision to lower prices is not without reason. Rising material costs, component shortages, and production challenges caused the initial price of the Pro model to skyrocket to an unexpected $59,974, a far cry from the promised sub-$40,000 range. However, the automaker has been hard at work addressing these issues. Upgrades at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, combined with falling raw material costs, have paved the way for these significant price reductions.


Lowered Prices Signal Readiness to Meet EV Demand Ahead of Industry Shift

CEO Jim Farley’s commitment to ramping up production has been evident throughout the year. Despite encountering some obstacles along the way, such as a temporary shutdown due to a battery fire incident, Ford managed to sell an impressive 4,466 Lightnings in the second quarter. This sales performance, coupled with the ongoing upgrades at the Rouge facility, demonstrates Ford’s determination to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

The timing of these price cuts is strategic. As the industry prepares for the release of new vehicles in the fall, automakers face mounting inventories that put pressure on pricing. Ford’s decision to reduce prices ahead of this period not only ensures the Lightning remains competitive but also reflects the company’s willingness to adapt and respond to market conditions.

Igniting an Industry Shift towards Affordable Electric Pickups and Customer Incentives

Photo of Ford employee telling audience of the F-150 Lightning truck bed features

The impact of Ford’s price cuts goes beyond attracting potential buyers. The broader implications for the electric vehicle market cannot be overlooked. With one of the most iconic truck models now available at a more affordable price point, it’s likely that other manufacturers will feel compelled to follow suit. This could usher in a new era of accessibility and affordability for electric pickups, paving the way for increased adoption and a more sustainable future.

It’s important to note that Ford’s commitment to its customers doesn’t stop at lower prices. In addition to the price cuts, the company is offering a $1,000 bonus for the Lightning XLT, Lariat, and Platinum trims as part of a summer sales event. Qualified customers can also benefit from 1.9% APR financing through Ford credit, providing even more incentives to make the switch to electric.


Ford’s decision to slash prices on the F-150 Lightning is undoubtedly pivotal. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for consumers. As the EV market continues to evolve, Ford’s bold move sets a precedent for other manufacturers to follow. With these price cuts, the Lightning is poised to shine brighter than ever before.


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  1. I purchased a 2023 Lightning XLT with the std 98kWh battery back in Jan 2023… MSRP was $64K and had zero markup because I pre ordered well over a year ago… I have been driving BEV’s for over 25 years YEARS since I had access due to working in electric utilities… I have also owned a BOLT and eGOLF as well…
    Although highway range is ALWAYS lower in BEV’s than city driving, the LIGHTNING was truly disappointing… Mine would NOT even go 150 miles on the highway with little to no elevation change… I could NOT even drive from Los Angeles to Big Bear, 138 miles, due to increase in elevation… So disgusted I simply sold, luckily BEFORE Ford announced price decrease…

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