Ford Lightning Base Price Rises 40% in Just ONE Year!
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Ford Lightning Base Price Up 40%

f150 lightning

The base price for an all-electric Lightning pickup is been creeping up, it’s now 40% higher than it was at the start of 2022!

After more than a year since the order books opened, demand for the F-150 Lightning staying strong. So strong, in fact, that Ford is adding a third shift to its F-150 Lightning plant to try and keep up with, what it calls, “huge demand” for the electric pickup.

The third shift, announced earlier this month, means some 250 new employees for the Dearborn Truck Plant and Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, bringing the total number of Ford workers there to 750 and putting the factory on-track to reach its 150,000 unit goal for 2022, according to plant manager, Corey Williams, told CNBC that Ford was on track to hit its 150,000-unit production goal. 

Williams explains that the plant has been running three rotating crews of workers on 10-hour shifts, seven days a week, in order to hit that goal — and those shifts are happening while the plant is still being built! “That’s how we’re doing this fast,” Williams told CNBC. “We’re building (product) while we’re building (the factory).”

Ford feels confident enough in the depth of the market’s EV demand that it’s raising the price of its base-model Lightning yet again, making this the third time the company has raised prices on its electric truck since its initial market launch earlier this year. The base price of Ford’s F-150 Lightning has climbed from about $40,000 at launch to $56,000 now – which amounts to a full forty percent price increase … in less than a year!

It’s worth noting, perhaps, that these huge price increases only affect the base “Pro” model Lightning “work trucks,” while the “luxe” versions of the truck maintain their old pricing – which, honestly feels like it has something to do with that 98 percent pro-union vote at went down at GM’s battery plant last week, but probably doesn’t.



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