Ford Capri Returns as an Electric Sedan. But Is It Truly the Iconic Capri We Remember?
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Ford Capri Returns as an Electric Sedan. But Is It Truly the Iconic Capri We Remember?

2024 Ford Capri Electric SUV - exterior profile
  • The all-electric Ford Capri blends classic design with modern EV technology, offering over 385 miles of range and advanced safety features.
  • French soccer legend Eric Cantona leads the Capri’s reveal, strengthening its confident comeback and focus on sustainability and innovation.
  • Competing in the EV market against models like the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2, and BMW i4.

There’s something magical about a legendary comeback, especially when it involves a car that once ruled the streets and captured the hearts of millions. Ford’s recent announcement of the all-electric Ford Capri brings a beloved classic back to life with modern style and innovation. By reimagining the Capri, Ford pays homage to its nostalgic charm while showcasing the latest advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technology.


The all-electric Ford Capri enters a competitive EV market, where it stands alongside other notable electric sedans. Competitors like the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2, and the BMW i4 offer strong performances and advanced technologies. However, the Capri’s blend of classic design and modern innovation gives it a unique edge, appealing to both nostalgic enthusiasts and forward-thinking drivers.

2024 Ford Capri Electric SUV - side profile

A Legend Reborn: The All-Electric Ford Capri

Ford’s decision to bring back the Capri is bold. They’ve combined respect for its classic roots with a vision for the future. “When you have the soul – when you have the spirit – it doesn’t matter if you choose to take time out of the spotlight. You can pick your moment to make a comeback.

And you can do it with style and swagger,” mentions the Ford announcement. The new Capri captures this spirit perfectly, combining the classic design of the original with the latest EV technology.

Partnering with a Legend: Eric Cantona

To lead this grand reveal, Ford teamed up with none other than French soccer legend Eric Cantona. Known for his charisma and rebellious spirit, Cantona perfectly complements the Capri’s reinvention.

“Some say legends are born. Others say legends are made. Only legends really know. This Capri is a remarkable reinterpretation of the classic. A sports coupe for the family. But, more importantly, it’s all-electric. That is the future. Legends apologize for nothing,” Cantona commented.


His involvement highlights the Capri’s confident comeback and its focus on modern values like sustainability and innovation.

The Ford Capri Design: Classic Meets Contemporary

The all-electric Ford Capri has been designed with a rebellious core, a characteristic it shares with its predecessor. Its color palette and design cues pay homage to the original while integrating modern aesthetics and functionalities. The headlights, body shape, and rear appearance are all inspired by the classic Capri, yet they’re executed in a way that feels fresh and contemporary.

With more than 620 km (385 miles) of driving range on a full charge (based on the WLTP), the Capri looks great and also delivers outstanding performance. The fast-charging capability ensures that even long road trips are within reach, making it a practical choice for families and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, with over 570 liters (150 gallons) of trunk space, it’s designed to meet the everyday needs of its drivers.

Advanced Technologies: Safety and Comfort

The new Ford Capri is more than just a pretty face and powerful performance. It’s loaded with smart features that make driving easier and safer. Features like automated lane changes and cyclist detection when opening doors ensure safety on the road. A massaging driver’s seat and a sliding touchscreen are standard, offering comfort and convenience.

2024 Ford Capri Electric SUV - interior profile

Embracing the Future with a Nod to the Past

The return of the Capri is a cultural event. It represents a bridge between the past and the future, a blend of nostalgia and innovation. As Ford expands its range of EVs, the all-electric Capri showcases both the company’s progress and its vision for the future.

It’s a reminder that true legends never fade. They evolve and adapt, much like the all-electric Ford Capri.



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