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Ford announced that its EV customers will soon be able to reserve a complimentary NACS fast charging adapter, for use at Tesla Supercharger EV charging stations.
USDOT earmarks $150M for EV infrastructure funding, California leads, addressing reliability issues, $623M federal boost for EV adoption.
Non-Tesla EV drivers may wonder if they can charge their electric vehicle at Tesla Supercharger charging stations.
BWH Hotels partners with Tesla to install EV charging stations across North America, enhancing sustainability efforts.
SAE completed the specification for the J3400 charging standard port and connector so non-Tesla EVs can charge at NACS charging stations.
Volkswagen Group shifts to Tesla’s NACS standard by 2025, granting EV owners access to Superchargers; Stellantis plans EV release.
The 2023 LA Auto Show EV Survey showed strong support for EV adoption, with nearly 1000 owners and prospective buyers participating.
Most major OEMs have decided to convert their EVs from CCS charging ports to NACS charging ports in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025.
Lucid announced it will adopt the North American Charging Standard in 2025 to make charging more convenient for its customers.
Subaru announced it will adopt the Tesla North American Charging Standard (NACS) on North American battery EVs like the Solterra.
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Image showcasing ProLogium’s Taoke plant not only serves as the best demonstration for scaled production but is also the design prototype for its future global expansion, especially the design of the Dunkirk gigafactory - solid-state battery

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