2024 Chevy Equinox Leaked Ahead of Schedule


2024 Chevy Equinox Leaked Online

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Shows Its Softer Side On Chevy Website

With a base price under $30,000 and list of features aimed square at the heart of the new car market, is Equinox the first mainstream EV?

Back in January, Chevrolet announced it would be making electric versions of both the Blazer and Equinox crossovers, and offered up renderings of what they might look like. But, while the Blazer EV recently made its official debut and GM has opened up the order book for reservations, the Equinox hasn’t officially been shown. Regardless, eagle-eyed Chevy fans spotted an image that shows what appears to be a production-ready Equi in the Chevrolet website’s “upcoming vehicles” section.


Chevrolet | Upcoming Vehicles


This new image shows the Equinox EV in a bright shade of blue with a white roof, while different renderings of the RS version had showed it in red with a black roof or solid silver (above), potentially suggesting that the Equinox will be offered in a wide variety of colors beyond the staid gray, silver, or black. 

This side view of the Equinox EV shows up beside the side view of the Blazer EV on the Chevy website, and this means we can see the differences between the two models. While both use GM’s Ultium platform, the Equinox has flush door handles that (to us) make it look more reminiscent of the Tesla Model Y.

Since this electric SUV isn’t due to go on sale until the first quarter of 2024, there isn’t much more information out yet about the Equinox EV. At least we do know that Chevy plans to keep the starting price below $30,000.



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