New Ford F-150 Lightning Police Truck Looks the Business

Ford F-150 Lightning Police Truck

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning PRO SSV - Police Pickup Truck

Bad guys beware – the new Ford F-150 Lightning PRO SSV promises to be the biggest, baddest, electrical-est cop car on the road!

The new Ford F-150 Lightning pickup is an incredibly capable machine, with 230 miles of all electric range and a 68 MPGe rating from the EPA – along with a low, low $39,974 starting price! – being only the most obvious of the many reasons police departments across the US are eyeballing the new electric pickup.

Among the few reasons we came up with:

  • the Lightning “frunk” can store a ton of gear and equipment, without giving up any utility in the bed
  • the truck itself can blast from 0-60 MPH in just 4.0 seconds, making it one of the highest-performing police vehicles of all time
  • the roomy crew cab makes transporting people and things “indoors” a breeze
  • the relatively stable cost of electricity and competitive price of the lightning can help municipal fleet managers insulate their budgets from highly volatile fuel costs, making budget projections easier to get right

… and that’s just what we came up with eating pizza with the new Bob’s Burgers Movie playing in the background, so there’s probably a few more good reasons to throw in there as well! Check out the pictures, below (posted on Reddit by u/ChaosCouncil), then let us know some of the reasons you think your local PD should be checking out the Lightning, in the comments.


Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV




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