Tesla vs. Tesla, Germany vs. China – Which is Better?

Tesla vs. Tesla, Germany vs. China!

What’s The Difference? Chinese Vs. German Tesla Model Y

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: what’s the difference between a Chinese Tesla and a German Tesla?

Tesla has grown immensely over the last decade, growing from a startup to a trully global company – if not a global phenomenon!

As the first significant “EV-only” entry into the car market, the Tesla brand set the bar for premium sedans with supercar-baiting performance, standout styling, and a whole new take on what it means to build a desirable car in the 21st century. That success has brought growth, and that growth has brought expansion, with the American company now opening factories (though not always building cars) in such far-off places as Shanghai and Berlin – but that just begs the question: are the cars made in Germany just as good as the ones made in China?

One particularly detail-oriented YouTuber named Richard Symons had the same question. More importantly, he had both a Tesla Model Y Performance that was manufactured at the new Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany, and another Long Range Model Y – his own car, in fact! – that was made in Tesla’s more established production site in Shanghai, China.

We won’t spoil it for you, but we’d love to get your take on the comparison and see if you agree with Symons. So, watch the video, then scroll on down to the comments section and let us know!


The Differences: Berlin Tesla Model Y Performance vs. Shanghai Gigafactory




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