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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
The true cost to own an EV vs. gas car varies based on the model and driving habits, but EVs tend to have lower ownership costs.
We break down the 2024 VW ID.4 and its new motor and range to see whether this EV beats the IONIQ 5 and Tesla Model Y.
The Volkswagen ID.4 will soon offer bidirectional charging and plug-and-charge compatibility at Electrify America charging stations.
After the federal government changes the EV tax credit requirements, the Volkswagen ID.4 still qualifies for the full $7,500.
A 2024 EV Forecast by Loren McDonald, CEO of EVAdoption predicted the top 10 best-selling 2024 battery electric vehicles in the U.S.
In 2024, qualifying consumers purchasing EVs or PHEVs can earn instant tax credits at the point of sale with eligible dealerships.
Adventurer Rainer Zietlow and Volkswagen Canada celebrated the Guinness World Record for the fewest charges in an ID.4 EV.
Use your EV’s navigation system and charging apps to find electric vehicle charging stations.
Charging an electric car is becoming more consistent at public EV charging stations, so how long will it take to charge your EV? released its 2023 American-Made Index showing electric vehicles and Tesla at the top.
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless



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