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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Italian coach builders ARES Design are offering a drop-top version of the Tesla Model S – which begs the question: why doesn’t Tesla?
It was a state of the art concept car back in 2011 – but today, this Brabus Benz is a reminder of just how far EVs have come!
Jo Borras and Neil Tjin talk tuning in Miami, the super bowl of car culture, and what’s next for enthusiasts in the electric era.
It’s a fine line to tune your BMW and stay within road regulations, so why not try it out on a cop car to and keep things legal?
When “the Surgeon” took this Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid under the knife, it came out looking like a Hollywood superstar!
The Petersen Automotive Museum rounded up a bunch of top-shelf Italian exotics, and this Tesla Model S just shamed them all!
Low maintenance and instant torque are two of the electric car’s best assets — and they also happen to make for a perfect race car!
It hardly seems fair – months before the VW ID. Buzz arrives in the US, and the German tuning legends Irmscher have already built one!
The Model Y has always been a bit more “crossover” than SUV, but the guys at T Sportline know it doesn’t have to be that way …
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless




New Bill May Step Up Barriers on Chinese Electric Cars; Mexico Halting Chinese Incentives

Solar Power Energy Installation farm

Solar Power Surges with Record 32.4 GW Installation, Policy Impact Revealed

Gravity DEAP Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes

Gravity Curbside EV Charging Solution Delivers 200kW Speeds, Charging 200 Miles in Under 13 Minutes