Electric Drag Race: UP Tesla Crushes the Pride of Italy
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UP Tesla Crushes the Pride of Italy

The Petersen Automotive Museum rounded up a bunch of top-shelf Italian exotics, and this Tesla Model S just shamed them all!

It’s been nearly a dozen years since the first Tesla Model S first arrived on the scene and began dropping jaws with its incredible, jaw-dropping, battery-powered feats of acceleration. And since then, the cars have just gotten faster and faster — and this particular example, tuned by the Tesla experts at Unplugged Performance, might just be one of the fastest and quickest of them all. As such, there shouldn’t be any shame in being beaten by this UP Tesla … but that’s sure to be precious little in the way of consolation for the owners of these three hot Italians.

The Petersen Automotive Museum arranged to take a trio of twelve-cylinder exotics — a Ferrari Enzo, a Maserati MC12, and a Ferrari F12 — to an airstrip Santa Margarita, California. It pitted them against this one-off Tesla S Plaid, and promptly re-established the EV’s drag-racing dominance.

No surprises there, right? Except that, in this case, there’s a twist: the races were being run for charity as a fund-raising event, and one lucky donor could walk away with the race-winning ride!

You can watch the Unplugged Performance Model S Plaid take the Italians to school in the official Petersen video, below, then let us know what you thought of this fund-raiser in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Unplugged Performance Tesla vs. Ferrari, Maserati V12s


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