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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
GM built its Hummer EV to be able to go just about anywhere – and that AWD capability is baked into the new Hummer e-bike.
Listen, when you have the rights to make a military vehicle based on the original Humvee, you get to build a Hummer clone, okay?
The OG Hummer first got the spotlight during the first Gulf War. Now, thirty years on, the next generation H1 is ready to enlist!
In the wake of Tesla announcing a $6000 price hike on some models, GM is raising prices on some EVs, but SLASHING them on others!
Great Success: the new, all-electric GMC Hummer EV is Selling Out Fast with more than 65,000 orders already in the books!
Is Kia’s new EV6 a better Camaro than a Camaro? That and more this week!



Kia EV6 engine EV system

What Happens When Your EV Dash Tells You It Needs a “Check Electric Vehicle System” Repair

Windrose semi driving on road megawatt charging system

Windrose Technology Semis Use BorgWarner's 960kW Megawatt Charging System

Four future Ford Hybrids

Ford Hybrids Expanded While Its Next-Gen EVs Are Delayed