Great Success: GMC Hummer EV Selling Out Fast

Great Success: GMC Hummer EV Selling Out Fast

GMC Hummer EV

GM’s flagship GMC brand recently revealed that it’s received more than 65,000 reservations for its all electric Hummer EV — and more than 95% of those reservations are converting to actual sales!

You read that right: 95% of GMC Hummer reservation holders are converting into sales, according to GMC global vice president, Duncan Aldred. Aldred also spoke to GMC’s plan of attack toward the larger-than-anticipated Hummer EV demand, saying, “Production’s actually slightly ahead of plan and we’re putting things in place now to actually expedite that as well, so we can deliver these reservations quicker than we originally thought. We’re seeing momentum building.”


Quicker Than …

First GMC Hummer produced, courtesy GM.

GM is well ahead of its production forecasts, sure — and it’s worth noting, also, that the first GMC Hummer EV was actually delivered late last year. That said, the SUV version of the Hummer is not scheduled to deliver until 2023, and the existing new pickup orders won’t be fulfilled until 2024 under GM’s current production timelines.

What does that mean for you, exactly? Well, it means that if you haven’t ordered your electric Hummer yet, you’d better move quickly. The 2023s are already sold out. (!)

“What we’re looking at now is how can we build the maximum amount and how can we deliver, fulfill these reservations as quickly as possible?” says Aldred. “We’re doing all the studies on that and we’re confident we can go a lot quicker than we originally thought, but it still means a reservation now probably means delivering in 2024.”

We’re definitely looking forward to our first turn behind the wheel of a new electric Hummer. What about you guys? Scroll on down to the comments, below, and let us know if you’ve got GM’s biggest EV on the brain, too!



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