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Forum Mobility’s FM Harbor charging depot, backed by Elemental, drives zero-emission trucking at the Port of Long Beach.
We dig into the reality of using an EV on a road trip, including some real-life snafus and essential tips for traveling with EVs.
We look at TEI’s role in addressing demand charges through data-driven policies and infrastructure improvements to reduce EV charging costs.
BP Pulse, the EV charging division of British Petroleum, plans to expand BP’s EV charging in the U.S. in response to Tesla’s Supercharger layoffs.
Grosvenor’s ‘Pathway to Net Zero’ integrates EV charging stations and renewable energy solutions like solar and wind, cutting carbon emissions.
Spark Spot’s new EV charging station in Carrollton, Texas offers fast-charging, eco-friendly amenities, and community engagement.
Rivian has developed a next-gen charging network prototype that will be open for all EVs with 400- and 800-volt CCS charging architectures.
Vermont’s 1st NEVI fast charging hub with ABB E-mobility Terra 184 chargers, boosts local economy & showcases commitment to EV infrastructure.
Survey findings highlight EV charging behavior, showing 60% prefer fast chargers for road trips, with active engagement while charging.
Washington invests $85M in EV charging infrastructure, prioritizing equity, creating jobs, and empowering communities for a sustainable future.
EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Launch
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BYD EV concept image with transparent body to illustrate cell-to-body battery technology

What Is Cell-to-Body Technology, and How Does it Help the EV Industry?

BYD Shark PHEV Plug In Hybrid Truck Unveiled in Mexico - exterior

BYD's Exciting, New ‘Shark’ PHEV Truck Unveiled in Mexico

Forum Mobility truck charging depot groundbreaking at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility and Elemental Collaborate to Propel Zero-Emission Trucking at the Port of Long Beach