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Tesla’s Supercharger network layoffs upset owners, were really bad PR, and may impact charger reliability, but some think the layoffs were a good move.
Tesla is laying off most of its Supercharger, new car, and public policy teams, creating tremendous shockwaves throughout the EV industry.
Facing stock plunges and slower sales, Tesla saw layoffs of thousands of people this week.
In March 2024, Xos, Inc. announced it had closed its acquisition of ElectraMeccanica Vehicles, maker of the three-wheeled, all-electric SOLO.
In March 2024, Fisker plans to halt production of its EVs for six weeks after missing an interest payment, causing speculation of imminent bankruptcy.
Atlanta recently held an EV Day at City Hall to focus on EV advocacy and boost the visibility of clean transportation.
Apple announced it was closing its all-electric, partly autonomous, Apple Car division, “Project Titan,” in February 2024.
Windrose, with Decathlon and Rokin, is testing electric trucks for low-carbon logistics to help both partners reduce their emissions.
Fast-growing Kia posts eighth straight monthly sales record and finishes 15-percent over previous first quarter record.
San Fransico-based hybrid repair shop Luscious Garage becomes Earthling Automotive to service the growing EV market in California.



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