EV Day at Atlanta City Hall: Mayor Andre Dickens Living by Example
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EV Day at Atlanta City Hall: Mayor Andre Dickens Living by Example

View of Tesla Cybertruck over electric motorcycle handle bars at Atlanta City Hall EV day
  • Atlanta City Hall hosted an EV Day on March 7, which invited automakers, business owners, and members of the public to participate.
  • Mayor Andre Dickens showed off his Rivian R1S as his official city transportation, while Georgia Power lent out one of its Silverado EVs.
  • A panel discussion highlighted Atlanta’s progress on electrification and sustainability.

A government-issued, blacked-out Rivian R1S parked in front of Atlanta City Hall embodied the electrification buzz happening inside with electric vehicle automakers, fleet business owners, sustainability officials, and other enthusiastic members of the public. Atlanta’s public dedication to electrification took another step forward with “EV Day at City Hall” on March 7 to focus on EV advocacy, education, and partnerships.


The gathering, spearheaded by EVNoire and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Resilience, highlighted steps already taken by the city and the next ones on its roadmap for an electrified future.

Bias Toward Action

Mayor Andre Dickens’ leadership extends beyond mere policy announcements to tangible actions, an example given by his choice of the Rivian R1S as his city-official vehicle. Already reaching 300 city EV ports, Atlanta is extending its electrification efforts across critical locations, including the airport and fire departments, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to sustainability. 

EVNoire co-founder Terry Travis emphasized the importance of relatable progress in electrification, stating, “People will tune out of EV conversations very quickly if they don’t think this information relates to them or if there’s no way for them to engage — that’s why Mayor Dickens leading by example is so important for Atlanta, and Georgia at large.”

Showcasing Innovations

The city cast wide its welcome to all types of electric vehicles to its EV Day, and the response did not disappoint, including Tesla delivering by flatbed a new Foundation-series Cybertruck, a couple of refreshed Model 3s, and a rainbow palette of Model Ys. Mercedes was present with several models from their EQ series, Georgia Power made available one of their fleet Silverado EVs, an unmissable-blue Rivian R1T was parked prominently to also showcase electric Edison bicycles, and this list continues. Responding to a formal invitation, I displayed my Harley Davidson Livewire One directly at the Atlanta City Hall doors. Most of these were available for participants to encounter after the event as EV ride and drive opportunities.


Keynote and Panel Insights 

Mayor Andre Dickens led the event with a keynote address promoting the city’s resolve for healthy communities through clean transportation. The following panel discussion, moderated by Travis, delved into the realities of EV ownership and the vital role of inclusive policy-making. It underscored the importance of community engagement and equitable access to technology, a theme supported by EVNoire’s finding that enthusiasm for EVs is notably high among Black and Latino communities across Metro Atlanta.

Public and Private Participation 

Image care of EVNoire

The EV Day event was not an exclusive pedagogical presentation but rather an assembly of participants from various sectors — government officials, Atlanta airport leaders, automotive leaders, local business leaders, sustainability advocates, and residents — gathered to experience, discuss, and learn.  Hertz also participated in the event and provided information to city fleet managers about the company’s EV rental offerings as they contemplate converting municipal fleets to EVs.

Atlanta’s Electrified Horizon

As the city continues to shape EV-readiness through policy, lay down more charging ports directly, and incentivize EV adoption, Terry Travis’s remark that “our clean transportation transition is only beginning” serves as a reminder of the journey ahead and the city’s commitment to it.



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