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Battery swapping works for electric scooters, but barriers for swapping EV batteries still exist. Commercial fleets may help start the trend.
Gogoro’s battery swapping technology, reducing 900,000+ tons of CO2 emissions, expands to Latin America with Copec partnership.
EV adoption has slowly gained traction due to slow charging speeds, but this could change with innovations in EV charging technology.
A new federal bill boosts wireless EV charging programs for companies like Electreon who are redefining green transportation.
Global EV Excitement, Battery Swapping Programs in Practice & The Biggest Take Aways from the wild year of 2022!
Because it can take EVs a while to charge, more companies are looking into battery swaps as a quicker alternative for people on the go. Now, Honda will have two of its own battery swap stations — one in Tokyo and one in Osaka.
Chinese electric car giant NIO hosted its annual Power Day event last week, where they revealed new battery swap tech for 2023.
What do Honda, Yamaha, KTM, and Vespa have in common with a Taiwanese vending machine? And why do Nasdaq investors care? Find out.
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Kia EV6 engine EV system

What Happens When Your EV Dash Tells You It Needs a “Check Electric Vehicle System” Repair

Windrose semi driving on road megawatt charging system

Windrose Technology Semis Use BorgWarner's 960kW Megawatt Charging System

Four future Ford Hybrids

Ford Hybrids Expanded While Its Next-Gen EVs Are Delayed