U Power Limited Introduces UOTTA Battery Swapping System
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U Power Limited Introduces UOTTA Battery Swapping System

U Power Limited Introduces UOTTA Battery Swapping System for electric fleet vehicles - heavy trucks to taxis
  • The UOTTA system, from Youxu New Energy, a subsidiary of U Power Limited, streamlines battery management for EVs globally.
  • With user-friendly stations, it allows for easy battery swaps, reducing downtime.
  • Battery leasing options can cut vehicle costs by up to 30% for businesses, enhancing operational efficiency.

Youxu New Energy, a subsidiary of U Power Limited, has introduced the advanced UOTTA intelligent battery swapping system. This technology offers power battery swapping solutions tailored for a variety of vehicles, from heavy trucks to taxis. It’s bringing in a whole new era for electric vehicle (EV) fleets worldwide.


The UOTTA system, currently being tested in China’s market, is a big step forward in tackling the issues of making EV batteries work together smoothly and efficiently. With future plans to bring it to Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe, Youxu New Energy is ready to change how electric transportation works worldwide.

According to the company in a latest report, “The UOTTA technology represents a pivotal step towards sustainable mobility solutions. By providing seamless battery swapping and sharing capabilities for two-wheeled and light four-wheeled EVs, we are empowering businesses to transition to electric fleets with ease.”

At the heart of the UOTTA system lies its user-friendly battery swapping stations (BSS), strategically located for maximum accessibility. Through a straightforward process, users can verify their identity via mobile phone and effortlessly swap batteries, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Being able to swap batteries easily will completely change how we use electric delivery vehicles. With the UOTTA technology, deliveries can be completed successfully without worrying about charging times or battery wear and tear. Similarly, New York has launched an e-bike charging pilot for delivery workers, highlighting its commitment to developing public micromobility infrastructure. This free program highlights the important role e-bikes can play in reducing transportation emissions.


One of the key advantages of the UOTTA system is its cost-effectiveness for businesses, particularly courier companies. By offering battery leasing options for EVs, these firms can reduce vehicle acquisition costs by up to 30%, while also streamlining operational efficiency.

“By purchasing or leasing EVs without batteries and opting for battery leasing plans, courier companies can optimize their fleet management strategies,” explains the report, highlighting the financial benefits of the battery swapping model. This approach not only saves on upfront costs but also eliminates concerns about battery degradation over time.

Looking ahead, U Power Limited expects battery technology to keep improving, which will allow the UOTTA system to be used in more types of vehicles. As the need for sustainable transportation options keeps rising, the company is dedicated to innovating EV fleet management.



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