Episode 325 with Kevin Dunn: Steady Garage
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Episode 325 with Kevin Dunn: Steady Garage

Electrify Podcast episode 325 with Kevin Dunn of Steady Garage
  • Steady Garage keeps up with the fast-changing e-bike market by continuously updating their customization options to match new trends and models.
  • At the heart of Steady Garage’s business is the customization of e-bikes, treating them as canvases for individual creativity, much like customizing cars.
  • Steady Garage is looking into more open-source options for customization, allowing riders to adjust things like throttle response to better suit their personal preferences and improve their riding experience.

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In episode 325 of Electrify Podcast, Kevin Dunn from Steady Garage offered exciting insights into the rapidly evolving world of electric bikes (e-bikes) and how his company is playing a crucial role in this change. Along with host, Jarod DeAnda, they explored new e-bike trends, cultural shifts, and tech developments that are shaping the e-bike industry.

E-bikes have quickly moved from using traditional internal combustion engines to electric motors, reflecting a larger trend in vehicle technology. Kevin highlighted the swift pace of innovation in the e-bike industry, with new companies regularly entering the market and improving the design and functionality of their bikes. This rapid growth poses challenges but also opens up opportunities for companies like Steady Garage, which aims to stay updated with the latest models and trends.

Customization is at the core of Steady Garage’s business. For Kevin and his team, e-bikes are platforms for creativity and personal expression. This customization culture is deeply rooted in the traditional car scene, where enthusiasts enjoy personalizing their vehicles. Steady Garage brings this same passion to e-bikes, constantly creating new modifications and features to make each bike stand out.


Kevin talked about major brands that are significantly influencing the e-bike market. Brands like Super73 lead the class 2 e-bike category, while others like Rawrr Mantis and Surron are top choices in the all-terrain segment. The success of these brands comes not just from their advanced products, but also from how they build strong communities of e-bike fans who love customizing their rides.

Looking ahead, Kevin is enthusiastic about the possibility of more open-source customization for e-bikes. He believes allowing riders to adjust their bikes’ electronic settings, like throttle response and motor settings, could greatly improve the riding experience and offer more personalization. This future vision aligns with the trend towards user-centric technology, where products are increasingly designed to meet individual needs.

Kevin also discussed potential new markets for Steady Garage. With the rising popularity of e-bikes, areas with favorable weather and enthusiastic communities, such as Northern California and Florida, offer exciting prospects for expansion. The continuous demand for aftermarket parts shows a strong and growing market for customized e-bikes.



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