Episode 307 with Jim Hurless: EV Real Estate
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Episode 307 with Jim Hurless: EV Real Estate

Picture showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 307 with hosts Jarod DeAnda and Matt Teske and Guest Jim Hurless of CBRE, titled EV Real Estate

In Electrify Podcast Episode 307, Jarod DeAnda and Matt Teske welcome Jim Hurless, who serves as the Global Real Estate Leader for CBRE’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Business. Jim provides valuable insights into the evolving EV real estate sector. He discusses the transformation happening in the real estate industry due to the rising prominence of EVs. Jim emphasizes the critical role of EV charging infrastructure in this evolving landscape. As more people adopt EVs, having convenient and accessible charging stations becomes essential for both residential and commercial properties. These charging stations are a significant factor in creating sustainable property developments, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient living spaces.

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Jim also talks about making properties EV-friendly, explaining how real estate can adapt to meet the needs of EV owners. This might include dedicated parking spaces with charging options or integrating EV charging solutions seamlessly into property designs.

Furthermore, the podcast explores the practical challenges and opportunities involved in charging station deployment. Different types of buildings, such as residential complexes and commercial offices, require unique strategies for accommodating EV charging infrastructure effectively.

Jim’s insights underscore the importance of electric vehicle integration within the broader real estate landscape. As EVs continue to gain popularity, real estate developers and property managers must adapt to these changing mobility trends. CBRE‘s involvement in this space signifies their commitment to facilitating this transition and ensuring that the real estate industry remains responsive to the needs of EV users.



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