Episode 297 with John Naderi – EV Intervention
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Episode 297 with John Naderi – EV Intervention

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 297 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest host Matt Teske with guest John Naderi

Podcasts, those cozy digital campfires where ideas spark and stories are shared. Enter the latest episode of Electrify Podcast, where voices familiar and new dove deep into the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Jarod DeAnda and Matt Teske, our gracious hosts, welcome their pal John Naderi (aka Nads) into the fold, and what unravels is a candid dive into nostalgia, challenges, and the ever-evolving automotive realm.

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  • John believes that traditional gas vehicles might become like horses today – rare and special.
  • Matt has driven electric vehicles (EVs) for 10 years, showing the growth in the EV world.
  • While electric cars are promising, we need better planning and understanding to make them common.

Chatting about Cars and Memories

Jarod has known John for ages and even joked about it, saying, “I’ve known this cat for a long time.” Matt loves electric cars and has had one for 10 years. He’s seen them change from the early ones like Prius to super cool ones like Tesla Model Y.

But John? Well, he’s new to this electric car realm. He’s never driven one, but he believes they’re the future. John thinks that soon, old gasoline cars will be like horses – only for special times or hobbies. But instead of horses, we’ll have electric and self-driving cars everywhere.

Still, there are challenges. John talked about how sometimes self-driving cars get into accidents because of people. And Matt added that while electric cars are getting better, the technology to have cities filled with them is still a bit away. Plus, some people are not ready to let a computer drive them around, especially during emergencies.


What Fuels the Heart of Cars: Gas or Batteries?

When you think about old cars, do you imagine their loud engines? Well, that’s the debate. Can electric cars give that same feeling?

Jarod started with a fun movie quote and then talked about some old cars he loves. He wondered if people would miss the loud engines when everything goes electric.

John thinks that car lovers will always find ways to make things exciting. For instance, there are people fixing up damaged Teslas to make them work again.

Matt loves the feeling of old cars – the sound, the smell. He believes that while electric cars are great for everyday stuff, there’s something special about the experience of old cars.

Digging Deeper into Electric Cars

When Tesla first made the Model S, they made it sound different. Matt thinks it’s cool that people are thinking about how to keep the car “soul” even when they’re electric.

But John pointed out that while Tesla’s cars are fast, they sometimes have quality issues. He also thinks some electric cars, like the Audi e-tron, look way cooler than Teslas.

Matt believes a great electric car needs:

  • Cool design
  • A good battery
  • Smart software
  • Clean electricity

Roadblocks on the Electric Highway

Even though electric vehicles are awesome, there are some bumps in the road. Matt talked about a time when a VIP took up all the charging spots, which wasn’t cool.

Also, if we really want to help the planet, we need to think about where our electricity comes from. Right now, a lot of it is still from coal and other not-so-clean sources.

The future looks bright, but everyone needs to learn more about electric vehicles. As John said, we all need to be on the same page because this is the future.

The drive towards a more electric future isn’t just a technological race. It’s an intricate dance of passion, innovation, and community. We’re on a journey, not just towards cleaner transport, but towards a world where every individual feels part of this electric revolution. As we navigate the challenges and celebrate the milestones, one thing is clear: the road ahead, however electrifying, is a journey we take together.


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