Episode 296 with Miss GoElectric - Plug In and Go
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Episode 296 with Miss GoElectric – Plug In and Go

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 296 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Miss GoElectric
  • Miss GoElectric’s journey began with a BMW i3, inspiring her EV advocacy.
  • “Dwell time” aligns charging with convenience, a key point from the interview.
  • The federal bill expands charging networks for growing EV demand.

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Miss GoElectric’s recent interview on Electrify Podcast with Jarod DeAnda provided a captivating and comprehensive exploration of the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs) and the accompanying infrastructure. With her unique blend of automotive industry experience and a passion for outdoor activities, she brings a fresh and multifaceted perspective to the table. Let’s dive deeper into some key insights from this enlightening conversation.

Image showcasing Miss GoElectric at ChargePoint

From Sports Reporting to EV Enthusiast: Miss GoElectric’s Inspiring Career Transformation

The journey for Miss GoElectric into the realm of EVs was sparked by her encounter with a BMW i3, a pivotal moment that ignited her enthusiasm for electric transportation. She recalls this moment by saying, “I think in 2015, I drove the BMW i3, and that car changed my life. It was the most fun I’ve ever had driving a vehicle.” Her transition from a career in sports reporting to one in automotive education was born out of practicality. It’s impressive to witness how her career has blossomed and evolved since then.


Embracing Electric Mobility Diversity

What truly sets Miss GoElectric apart is her unwavering commitment to making electric mobility accessible and diverse. She possesses a profound understanding that EVs extend beyond traditional automobiles, encompassing a wide spectrum of vehicles, from e-bikes to scooters.  She emphasizes this by stating, “If you are into e-bikes or any kind of e-mobility device, that [Electrify Expo] is an incredible place to go to shop and to see all the options and try them out right there with all the tracks.” Her passion for outdoor adventures aligns seamlessly with her belief in the significance of offering a broad range of convenient and sustainable mobility solutions.

Image showcasing Miss GoElectric in Ivins, Utah at Rampage Rental and Repair with Aventon

Miss GoElectric’s Critical Eye: Evaluating E-Bike Brands for Consumer Satisfaction

E-bikes, in particular, have piqued her interest, and she has honed in on what consumers seek in these electric two-wheelers: affordability, a dependable service network, and e-bikes that harmonize with their lifestyles. Brands such as Rad Power Bikes, Aventon, Ride1Up, and Velotric are earning praise from Miss GoElectric for effectively addressing these consumer needs. Notably, her reviews are not just filled with accolades; she takes the time to provide constructive criticism, offering valuable feedback that can drive improvements within the industry.

Image showcasing Miss GoElectric with Mokwheel electric bike

Seamless Integration: Aligning ‘Dwell Time’ with EV Charging for Maximum Convenience

One intriguing concept she mentioned is the notion of aligning “dwell time” with charging requirements. She elaborates on this approach by saying, “You are implementing certain technology, and that can go to road cars that are on the road today.” In essence, this approach ensures that EV charging seamlessly integrates with individuals’ daily activities. Whether you’re quickly running errands or enjoying a leisurely meal at a restaurant, there’s an optimal charging solution for each scenario. This approach makes owning an EV not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly convenient.

Image showcasing Miss GoElectric with Nissan Ariya

Challenges and Opportunities in California’s EV Charging Infrastructure

The state of EV infrastructure also came under scrutiny during the interview. While California boasts a robust charging network, it’s not without its challenges, particularly in terms of reliability and compatibility. Miss GoElectric astutely points out that as newer EVs equipped with higher voltage systems become more prevalent, addressing these issues becomes increasingly critical. She aptly emphasized, “We need to ensure that the infrastructure keeps pace with the evolving technology.” Fortunately, the federal infrastructure bill aims to address these concerns by expanding charging station networks, including fast chargers along highways, representing a significant step forward for the industry.


Redefining the EV Landscape: The Critical Significance of the Charging Experience

A notable theme highlighted during the interview is the paramount importance of the charging experience. Car manufacturers are now realizing that delivering a seamless and reliable charging experience is instrumental in attracting and retaining EV buyers. Miss GoElectric emphasized this by stating, “The charging experience is a make-or-break factor for many potential EV owners.” Some automakers are even venturing into the charging station sector, promising a broader and more dependable network in the near future.

Image showcasing Miss GoElectric giving a thumbs up with a professional driver

Exploring the Diverse World of Electric Vehicles and Charging

Miss GoElectric’s insights from her Electrify Podcast interview offer a practical and enlightening view of the EV landscape. The EV revolution is in full swing, and it’s not merely confined to automobiles; it encompasses an expansive array of choices and an enhanced charging infrastructure designed to cater to the needs of everyone. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch to electric, Miss GoElectric’s genuine enthusiasm and in-depth expertise may very well inspire you to plug in and join the electrifying movement towards a more sustainable future.

Dive deeper into her insights and expertise by exploring her content on her website and social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and YouTube channel. Discover the electrifying world of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility with Miss GoElectric as your guide!


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