California to Spend $2.9B on EV Charging
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California to Spend $2.9B on EV Charging

The California Energy Commission recently approved $2.9 billion to build out the state’s zero emissions transportation infrastructure.

The money will go to install up to 90,000 more electric vehicle chargers at a cost of $900,000,000 (that’s the “0.9 billion” up there), which will more than double the number of existing EV chargers in California (right around 80,000, as this goes live).

$1.7 billion of the remaining $2 billion will go towards building out medium-and heavy-duty ZEV infrastructure, which includes high-capacity fast charging for vehicles like the Tesla Semi and Nikola Tre BEV, among others in the space.

All of this is in addition to the $1.7 billion approved by the CEC back in 2021, and speaks to the state’s commitment to go 100% EV by 2035.

“California is bringing our roads and highways into the 21st Century with electric vehicle chargers in every community, in every corner of our state,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “We are transforming transportation in California and scaling climate action in ways only California can – with jobs, innovation and health at the heart of our efforts.”

EVs Create Jobs in California

In a report commissioned by the Electric Transportation Community Development Corporation titled “Workforce Projections to Support Battery Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Installation,” it was estimated that the associated light-duty vehicle charging infrastructure build out would take between 38,200 to 62,400 “job-years” to complete between 2021 to 2031, based on the baseline and high electric vehicle adoption scenarios noted in the First AB 2127 EV Charging Infrastructure Assessment.

The associated medium- and heavy-duty vehicle infrastructure would generate more than 9,000 additional job-years through 2030, in addition to the LDV infrastructure workforce needs.


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