Episode 305 with Cole Seely: The Electric Sensation
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Episode 305 with Cole Seely: The Electric Sensation

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 305 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Cole Seely

In this Electrify Podcast episode, Cole Seely, a former motocross racer and motorsport enthusiast, shares his engaging experience with Cake electric bikes with our host, Jarod DeAnda, and dives into the evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) in motocross. Cole’s journey begins with an invitation from Cake to participate in an exhibition race, leading to a collaboration to customize one of their electric bikes. He highlights the importance of maintaining an open-minded approach to electric motocross, drawing parallels with the transition from two-stroke to four-stroke engines. The conversation also explores the unique aspects of EVs, including the absence of engine noise, and discusses challenges such as replicating traditional motorcycle sounds and addressing charging infrastructure. Cole’s insights extend to the broader EV landscape and his interest in electric toys beyond motorcycles, shedding light on the potential for EVs in motocross and Honda’s exploration of electric bikes in the sport.

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  • Cole Seely modified a Cake electric bike after an exciting exhibition race.
  • He stressed the need for an open mind about electric bikes in motocross.
  • Honda is exploring electric bikes, and Trey Canard raced one in Japan.


Thoughts on EVs

As we enter Cole’s world, we spot a vintage motocross beauty from ’93 or ’94 in the background. It shows how much Cole loves how motocross tech has changed. He’s not just a fan; he’s an expert who’s seen bikes transform. He talks about the tiny tweaks that riders like him notice on their bikes, stuff that can really change the game on the track. “Everything from the seating position, the way that’s changed, to you know the steering rake,” he mentions, “I guess when you’re a professional rider you don’t really notice all the finer details because you’re so in tune.”

The Future of Electric Motocross

As the chat goes on, Cole leads us into the world of electric motocross. He starts thinking about how electric bikes will change things, kind of like how people used to tweak old bikes. You can hear the excitement in his voice, and it’s catchy. He says,”there’s room for it and I think people just need to have an open mind with it.” He goes on, “once you actually ride one your whole perception on everything completely changes.” It’s like he’s describing a colorful picture of the future of electric motocross.

Favorite EVs

Cole’s got his eye on the Tesla Cybertruck, a tough and electric masterpiece that has him hooked. He’s also crazy about hybrid supercars like the GT3, “the coolest thing is like seeing them leave the pit in electric mode and then fire up the engine,” Cole states in the podcast. You can tell Cole’s love for vehicles goes beyond just motorcycles.


Cole’s Vision for Electric Motocross Racing

Imagine an electric motocross racing category, similar to Formula E, created to highlight the remarkable talent and competition within the sport. Cole isn’t just thinking about this concept; he’s actively promoting it. He envisions it as a potential game-changer for motocross, injecting a jolt of excitement into the racing scene.

Inside the World of Professional Motocross: Cole’s Insights on Dedication and Teamwork

Cole emphasizes the unwavering commitment and intense training needed to succeed in the fast-paced motocross arena. He shares insights into the constantly changing world of professional motocross, highlighting the dedication riders must embrace as a way of life.

Every accomplished rider relies on a dedicated team of individuals and trainers. Cole stresses the crucial part they play in a rider’s path to success. He openly discusses the sacrifices and unwavering dedication needed to reach the highest level of motocross achievement. This showcases his profound comprehension of the requirements for excelling in this challenging sport.

Cole’s Passion for Formula 1 Racing: Bridging the Gap to Supercross

Cole has recently developed a strong interest in Formula 1 racing, and he can’t stop talking about it. He views Formula 1 as an exciting and highly advanced sport, and he connects it to the changing world of Supercross. It’s an intriguing exploration of talent and competition, with Cole as our informed guide.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Supercross season, Cole shares some names to keep an eye on – Jett Lawrence and Chase Sexton. These riders are expected to bring some intense action to the track, and Cole’s insights make the upcoming season even more exciting.

However, Cole’s interests go beyond just motorcycles. He’s branching out into the world of drifting and exploring four-wheel vehicles. The future is full of opportunities, and Cole is eagerly looking forward to what it holds. His enthusiasm is contagious, leaving us all with a sense of anticipation for what’s coming next.



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