Toyota WOWS with Compact Cruiser EV Concept - Will they build it?


Toyota Wows With Compact Cruiser

Toyota Shows Us More Of The Fantastic Compact Cruiser EV Concept

Meet the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept— a right-sized electric SUV with real off-road chops could be coming to market soon!

When it first bowed in 2021 as part of a larger display of renderings about what a future lineup of all-electric Toyota products might look like, the little “Compact Cruiser” seemed like it was meant to fade into the background— just one of several potential talking points.


Electric Toyota Concept Art

Image courtesy Toyota.

If that was Toyota’s plan, the internet had other ideas. The eyes of the automotive world immediately latched onto the little blue SUV, and it eventually won the 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles. The Compact Cruiser EV got so much attention, in fact, that Toyota’s team kept developing the car, giving it a full line of off-roading accessories while, at the same time, subtly developing the shape and styling to make it more production-ready.

Heck, they even made a full-size clay model, which isn’t something car companies do these days— unless, you know, they’re actually considering the thing for production.

You can check out the much more developed Compact Cruiser concept for yourself, below, then let us know what you think of it in the comments. And, not that you asked us, but we think Toyota will sell a bajillion of these things!





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