Rivian Set to Get V2x, V2G Tech
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Rivian Set to Get V2x, V2G Tech

Rivian green suv, silver truck

Thanks to a recent software update, your Rivian will be able to power your home when the lights go out!

Via Twitter, Rivian announced that its R1T and R1S electric vehicles will soon offer bi-directional charging capabilities. This technology, also known as Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), will allow drivers to use their electric vehicles as a power source for a variety of purposes, such as recharging smaller electronics, other vehicles, or even your home.

The update will be available to all Rivian customers via an over-the-air update – yes, including those who have already had their vehicles delivered.

Last year, Rivian had announced plans to integrate more advanced battery technology that would include bi-directional charging. However, it’s not clear if this feature will be part of this over-the-air update that Rivian has promised. The company hasn’t provided any details on the timeline or cost of the update yet.

It is kind of a bummer for Rivian fans, though, that the company recently discontinued its ultimate R1T configuration with the quad motors and largest battery pack. This configuration would have had greater energy storage if owners could use bi-directional charging with it.

However, the company has promised to bring back the R1T configuration at a later date, as they focus on meeting their production targets. Despite falling short in 2022, production numbers improved significantly in the fourth quarter of last year, which bodes well for a more successful 2023.

Bi-directional charging is becoming more popular in the electric vehicle industry. Chevrolet has announced plans to offer the technology on its Silverado EV, which will allow customers to sell energy back to the grid during peak hours. Ford has a similar feature on its F-150 Lightning, which can power a home for up to three days when equipped with its extended-range battery.

Rivian Boasts Bi-directional Charging


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