Tesla Tops Out on Cold Weather Test
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Tesla Tops Out on Cold Weather Test

Tesla Cold Test 4 cars driving in snow

We can admit when Tesla gets it right – the brand got top marks for cold weather range in this 30 EV test!

In a recent test of electric vehicles conducted in Norway, the Tesla Model S proved to be one of the most efficient vehicles in cold weather. The test was carried out between Oslo and Hjerkinn in temperatures ranging from 14 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Out of the 30 EVs tested, the Model S managed to cover 329 miles, a range that outperformed its closest competitors, the BMW i7 xDrive60 and the Mercedes EQE 300.

According to Tesla’s claims, the Model S has a range of 394 miles on a single charge. Although it did fall short of this number by 16.4% during the cold weather test, it’s still honestly impressive considering the impact that cold weather can have on EV ranges. In cold weather, electric vehicles can lose up to 50% of their range, making the Model S’s results pretty darn noteworthy.

The BMW i7 xDrive60, with a claimed range of 370 miles, made it 263 miles in the test, falling short of its range claim by 28.74%. The smaller BMW i4 eDrive40 actually managed to travel farther, covering 354 miles, despite having a lower claimed range of 351 miles. This result puts the i4 ahead of the more expensive Mercedes EQE 300, which had a range loss of 33.39% during the test.

The Chinese Maxus Euniq 6, with a claimed range of 220 miles, came the closest to matching its range claim, covering 197 miles during the test. On the other hand, the Toyota bZ4X 2WD, which claims to have a range of 312 miles, finished the furthest from its range claim, covering only 201 miles.

The Tesla Model X Plaid also performed well in the cold weather test, covering 276 miles despite its large size and high-performance capabilities. Tesla claims that the Model X Plaid can travel 337 miles on a single charge, though the vehicle saw a loss of 18.23% during the test.

Despite all of this, Tesla was actually fined $2.2 million just this past January by the Korea Fair Trade Commission for not telling its South Korean customers about the shorter driving range of its cars in lower temperatures. Of course, this isn’t the only issue that Tesla has faced regarding cold weather.



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