Queens NY Looks to Ban E-bike Riders
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Queens NY Looks to Ban E-bike Riders


Council Member Robert Holden, who represents the neighborhoods of Ridgewood and Glendale in Queens, has introduced legislation that would ban electric scooters and electric bikes in New York City. The bill, which was introduced in mid-January, would repeal city regulations that currently allow these vehicles to be driven throughout the five boroughs.

Holden argues that some riders are ignoring traffic laws and that this is leading to crashes. He also notes that there have been instances where the batteries in e-bikes and e-scooters have sparked fires. The council member wants the ban to be imposed until state lawmakers pass legislation that would require these e-mobility vehicles to be registered, licensed, and insured.

This legislation can only be enacted at the state level, as state lawmakers legalized e-bikes and e-scooters back in 2020, with electrified Citi Bikes being rolled out earlier this year. The state law gave municipalities the ability to legalize these vehicles, but Holden believes that more needs to be done to ensure they are operated safely.

“The scourge of these devices throughout our city has led to people disregarding traffic laws resulting in injuries or death, lithium ion-based fires that killed several people and injured hundreds, and a feeling of disorder on our streets and sidewalks as well as a diminished quality of life,” Holden said. “We must ensure that these vehicles are operated safely before allowing them back on our streets.”

If passed, Holden’s bill would impose a $500 fine on riders caught breaking the law.


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6 Responses

  1. What is that fool think he is doing he knows people still going to get on them ride them maybe he ought to get one to find out what it’s about

      1. NY already had a well established reputation for being very anti-EV. Maybe that isn’t how they intended it but their actions and results spoke very loudly.

        I’ve been part of the EV movement for a long time now, I’ve noticed how hostile they are towards it. If they can’t regulate it out of existence, they levy hefty fines instead.

        I’m on the west coast, between almost non-existent availability and high cost of what is there i’ve not been able to switch over, if you don’t count the cool adult scooter boards, bicycles and stuff i’ve built myself of course.

  2. NY is really doubling down on self hatred and the f’ing over it’s residents who can’t afford to drive, barely afford the cost of renting. Business owners & residents have left NY in droves.

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