Lyft Rolls Out 1500 New E-bikes in NYC


Lyft Rolls Out 1500 New E-bikes in NYC

Lyft is rolling out hundreds of e-bikes to NYC’s Citi Bike riders. The upgrade that will help modernize the bike rental fleet and make getting across the city a breeze!

The new electric Citi Bikes offer more than double the battery capacity of the rental services’ current offerings, as well as an LCD information screen to help riders visualize speed and battery information. That’s important for new e-bike riders, because the new bikes might be quite a bit faster than what “conventional” cyclists are used to!

Not just them, Lyft says this latest generation of e-bikes will speed up faster than the existing 5,000-bike e-bike fleet run by Lyft, and go a lot further, too! The new bikes will offer 55-60 miles of riding per charge, compared to about 25 from the outgoing model.

The new Citi Bike models also have more easily adjustable seats that accommodate a wider range of rider heights, and “retro-flective” white paint that glows from headlights. The new e-bikes will be rolled out May 5th for Citi Bike member use only. New non-members that are on the fence about whether or not the new e-bikes will work for them can enroll in a free, 15-day trial through a smartphone app while at participating bike rental stations.

You can check out some of the highlighted features of Citi Bike’s latest e-mobility marvel in the infographic, below, then let us know if this is an e-bike you’d like to see at a bike-share service near you in the comments.


Lyft Citi Bike Features


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