NIO Shows Advanced Battery Swap Station in China
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NIO Shows Advanced Battery Swap Tech

NIO Power Day: NIO Teases Advanced Battery Swap Station, Unveils 500 kW Charging Pile

Chinese electric car giant NIO hosted its annual Power Day event last week, where they revealed new battery swap tech for 2023.

NIO president and co-founder William Li shared that the company is developing liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging piles with up to 500 kW and maximum currents of 650 amps. He revealed that NIO plans to install these charging piles across Europe and China before the end of this year.

In addition, Li said that NIO is developing its latest generation of a battery swap station, which would be more flexible in its offerings and have a higher output than the previous two generations. Though very few practical details were shared, NIO projects that these third-generation battery swap stations would be ready for testing in late 2022 and early 2023. This would help the company to reach its overall goal of having 4,000 battery swaps across the globe by 2025. They currently have 1,011 stations in service, and have completed millions of successful swaps over the last few years.

NIO’s first-gen battery swap stations can store five batteries and swap up to 120 batteries daily, while the second-gen swaps can store 13 batteries and swap up to 312 batteries in a day. So stay tuned! It’ll be really interesting to see what the third-gen stations can do!


NIO Battery Swap Station

NIO Power Day: NIO Teases Advanced Battery Swap Station, Unveils 500 kW Charging Pile
Image courtesy NIO.

Other 2025 goals include completing a highway battery swap network that would cover 19 urban clusters, nine north-south highways, and nine east-west highways by then. Yet another 2025 goal is to give 90% of NIO users at least one swapping station within 3 km of their homes.

NIO also its launched its third-generation, multi-functional mobile service vehicle (read: “roadside assistance”), which they’re calling “Power-up Trips”, which is designed to repair, maintain, and charge batteries for its EV customers stuck on the side of the road.


NIO Power-up Trips Mobile Service Van




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