New BMW i7 Trades Controversy for Competence
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New BMW i7 Trades Controversy for Competence

2023 new BMW i7

Since the days of Chris Bangle in the early aughts, BMW 7-series styling has tended to lean more towards “robot space beaver,” and less towards “iconic classic.” No more. The launch of the new 2023 BMW i7 heralds the return of the good-looking BMW 7.

This newest version of the BMW i7 features the fifth-generation of BMW’s stellar eDrive technology, and places one electric drive motor at the front and another at the rear to deliver a state-of-the-art, computer controlled all-wheel-drive (AWD) solution that offers maximum traction in all weather conditions. What’s more, the advanced electronic torque vectoring enables the big, 544 HP sedan to handle like a much smaller car. A very competent, much smaller car.

And make no mistake: this is a big sedan.

The new BMW i7 is nearly 18 (eighteen) feet long— and its long hood/short deck styling, aggressive tumblehome, and a tire and wheel choice that seems more traditionally proportional than cartoonishly large seems to indicate that the stylists behind the new 7 know its place as a premier luxury sedan, and haven’t tried to make it appeal to the SUV or crossover or “Tesla Model Electric Space Egg” set.

No, this is something else. It’s a BMW 7 series that looks seriously expensive. Inside, especially, there are premium woods seemingly suspended beneath a faceted acrylic that seems to float above the now traditional BMW i-Drive click wheel interface that creates visual ties to past BMWs while very clearly pointing the way forward. It looks like something out of a million-dollar concept car— and we had to reach out to BMW to confirm it was real in disbelief. Twice.

We’re fans, if you couldn’t tell already. Especially from the rear 3/4, where the vibe of a future-forward E32 BMW is strongest, this is the best-looking 7 in decades.

Is it enough to steal Mercedes’ EQS and EQE thunder? What about the Tesla Model S? Can the new 7 stand up to the technological assault of the new Lucid Air? We think it’s too soon to call it, but you guys know how you feel about the big Bimmer already, so check out the pictures and specs, below, then scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think!


2023 BMW i7


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