Throwback Thursday: 1950 Tesla Jaguar MKV
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Throwback Thursday: 1950 Tesla Jaguar MKV

Tesla powered 1950 Jaguar Mark V

Meet Matt Brown and his long, low, 1950 Jaguar Mark V sedan. It’s a bonafide classic ride with a hot-rod soul and a Tesla-powered, all-electric twist!

Slapping electric motors into classic cars is unquestionably the way of the hot-rodding future — but some of these builds are, naturally, more successful than others. So, what does it look like when an old car gets blessed with modern power, suspension, and gets the look absolutely right? You might just be looking at it.

Superfast Matt” as he’s known online, got his one-of-a-kind Jag to low like this by installing a set of Ridetech Shockwave airbags, which help get his one-of-a-kind machine to sit significantly lower at stops, while also making the car more drivable. How? The airbags can be inflated to lift the car over speed bumps and rough roads, and softened or hardened to improve ride quality and/or handling whenever Matt wants.

The best part? Matt put almost his entire build online, from welding the Tesla drive units up to the Jaguar’s chassis to the Shockwave air suspension installation process. Matt also shares how he set up the RidePro E5 control system, which is great information if you plan on building something similar for yourself down the road.


Superfast Matt Air Suspension Setup


Obviously this kind of build isn’t for everyone. If the Autorama Ridler Award is something you’ve ever lusted after, you’re probably horrified by the juicy welds and lumpy bodywork on Matt’s Jag. The Ridler cars different animals, though — and, while not quite a rat rod, this build looks like someone effectively dropped an old Jaguar Mark V body onto a modern Tesla chassis then slammed it to the ground— even down to the factory Tesla rims, which add to that impression.

Not a bad look at all, we think— but that’s us. Check out one of Superfast Matt’s installation videos, below, which talks about how he chose whether to reuse the old Jaguar parts or build up his own, then scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page and let us know how you’d build up your own electrified classic hot rod!


Air Suspension: DIY or Off the Shelf?


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