Kollter E-Moto Joins Vermont Police Force
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Kollter E-Moto Joins Vermont Police Force

photo of brandon police electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have protect and servce covered – and a Vermont police force is tapping the Kollter E-Motor to help in its mission.

Various municipalities are making a push for their city departments to go electric, and the plethora of new e-moto options can make it easier for cops to help with that mission.

While Zero Motorcycles have often been the go-to choice for police departments, Kollter has joined the party with its low-cost ES1 being adopted by the Brandon Police Department in Brandon, Vermont.

Brandon Police Chief David Kachajian shared with Electrek how the town has been encouraging all municipal departments to move toward electric mobility, but trucks like the F-150 Lightning don’t come cheap. A motorcycle like the $6,995 Kollter ES1 is a more cost-effective option to start getting electric vehicles into the police department. Having these e-motos will fill a hybrid role in the Brandon community, where before they had only a combination of police cruisers and bicycles.

Chief Kachajian said, “Our electric motorcycle will be primarily used for traffic enforcement and patrol, but we will also be using it in a hybrid capacity as a sort of ‘bike patrol’ in the downtown area of Brandon. When you use a regular bicycle for patrol, if an emergency comes in where you have to respond a far distance away, an officer on a bicycle would have to secure the bicycle on his/her cruiser and then respond to a call. With the electric motorcycle, it can be used as a motorized substitute for a normal bicycle, with all of its benefits and capabilities, but yet it has the ability to respond to calls that are far away that would normally require an officer to jump in their cruiser to respond to.”

Apparently, a ton of officers within the department are impressed enough by the ES1 that they’re looking to get their motorcycle licenses for the first time just so they can ride it.


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