Voltera Charging Garage Coming to San Francisco
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Voltera Charging Garage Coming to San Francisco

  • EV infrastructure provider Voltera will be converting a parking garage into a charging facility for light-duty fleet vehicles.
  • Set to officially open in 2024, the garage will house 40 DC fast charging stalls.
  • Voltera plans to open additional similar charging facilities through its turnkey charging solutions.

Voltera, a leading EV infrastructure provider, is making big moves in San Francisco. The company recently acquired a three-story parking garage at 1700 Pine Street, with the location having been strategically chosen for its proximity to the downtown area and easy access to major roads. Set to go live in early 2024, this new Voltera charging garage will house 40 DC fast charging stalls throughout all three floors.

More Details About the Voltera Charging Garage

To ensure a seamless charging experience for users, Voltera will use their advanced charging management software at this new facility. With 180 kW power output, the DC fast chargers will provide quick recharging for light-duty fleet vehicles.

The site will also provide office spaces and break areas for fleet employees, supporting day-to-day operations in a more holistic way.

Phase 1 of the project is already complete, enabling their customer to begin preliminary operations, including vehicle flow. Voltera is focused right now on securing power and planning infrastructure upgrades in collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric. 

With design approval from the San Francisco Planning Commission, the second phase will involve adding chargers, electrical terminations, and transformer upgrades.

Hannah Jacobus, Voltera’s VP of Real Estate and Site Development, expressed excitement about the acquisition. “This investment not only secures a prime location approved for operation of an EV charging facility in a tight real estate market but also showcases Voltera’s expertise in EV infrastructure development,” she said.

More Voltera Charging Facilities To Come

This is just the beginning – more site announcements are on the way. The charging facility at 1700 Pine Street is just one example of Voltera’s commitment to providing turnkey EV charging solutions for more customers.

By handling site acquisition, power procurement, facility design and construction, permitting, hardware and software deployment, operations, and maintenance, Voltera allows businesses to rapidly scale their EV fleets without the need for extensive upfront capital investment.

Backed by billions of dollars in capital, they are well-positioned to construct and operate EV charging facilities for various sectors, including last-mile delivery, ride hailing, regional haul, drayage, and autonomous transportation.


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