06/08/2023 - Electrify News Site
GM and Tesla Merge for an Unmatched EV Charging Experience. Within as Two Industry Leaders Combine Efforts to Redefine EV Charging!
The VinFast VF 8 has arrived in the U.S. and Canada, ready for deliveries to customers starting in June 2023.
What is an electric bike? We answer that question and more in our simple guide to e-bikes.
San Francisco is about to see a Voltera charging facility inside a parking garage, complete with 40 DC fast chargers.
In Ep. 147 of Parts Counter Gurus, Neil Tjin discusses the success of Electrify Expo’s first 2023 show and the limitless potential of EV customization.



Sydyt bikes all three models

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All New MINI Countryman Debuts on Sphere in Las Vegas

Volocopter flying over water and near buildings in NYC

Volocopter Takes First Flight Test in New York City